Competitive Swimming Lessons

Swim Team Lessons

Help your swimmer improve technique to drop time for swim team.  S

Swimming Lessons Program Overview

It is very difficult for swim team coaches to provide individualized feedback to their swimmers during practice.  Because of this, we offer Group, Private, and Video Swimming Lessons to focus on stroke technique, race strategy, and competitive swimming skills. We provide swimming classes for individuals in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois and various other areas. Our swimming lessons are also a great way to get your child back into shape for the summer swim team, or prepare your child for their first swim team experience. 

Swimming Classes Options:

Upper Level Group Swimming Lessons:

    • Group swimming lessons are a great way to get your swimmer ready for the summer swim team.  Our swimming school is especially helpful if your swimmer has been out of the water for awhile and needs to build up their endurance.


Dives and Turns Group Swimming Classes: 

    If your swimmer is in the Green Level or higher, they can enroll in these group swimming lessons to focus only on dives and turns. In this group swimming lesson, we will focus on enhancing various skills such as dives and breakouts for all strokes, Freestyle and Backstroke Flip-Turns, and Breaststroke and Butterly open turns.


Non-Competitive Swim Team:

    • This is our highest group swimming lesson level.  This level of swimming classes is run like a swim team practice.  Students swim sets, learn how to use a pace clock, and work on advanced technique.  Prior evaluation is required to test into this level swimming lessons.


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Private Swim Lessons

Our Private and Semi-Private Swimming Classes are a great way to get individualized attention to achieve faster results.

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Video Private Swim LessonsOur Video Analysis Private Swimming Lessons are great for visual learners.  Students are able to see their technique both above and below the water to work on technique refinement.

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