We have state-of-the-art air and water purification systems to create a comfortable deck environment and keep our pools clean.  Our facility has two pools, one for beginners, and one for advanced students, to allow swimmers of all ages and ability levels to learn effectively and safely.

We have on-deck seating for easy viewing of lessons, and also an air-conditioned observation room that overlooks both pools.

Learn About Our Pools:

  • Shallow Pool: Our 3’ – 3’ ½” deep teaching pool- is heated to 93 degrees. This allows our youngest students to remain comfortable and warm during lessons and allows for a feeling of security as they become accustomed to being in the water.
  • Competition Pool: Our 25-yard, lap pool has a 9-foot deep end that allows students to learn how to swim safely in deep water.  We have competition starting blocks and flags which allows us to teach students proper technique for dives, turns, and finishes.