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Parent Tot Lessons

Teaching children to learn how to swim safe from the start.

Program Overview

Parent/Tot is our parent participation swim lesson program for children, age 3-to-36 months. The class is taught in our 93 degree, 3 ft. deep teaching pool. We use a gentle teaching approach, incorporating songs, games, and group exercises, to foster your child’s life-long love of the water.

Parents are taught submersion, safety, and floating techniques to make their children comfortable in the water. Over time, our Parent/Tot class can improve your child’s physical development, motor skills, coordination, and social skills.

*Children not potty-trained are required to wear a swim diaper, tight fitting rubber pants, and a swimsuit in the pool.

Recommended For

This class is designed for babies and toddlers ages 3 months to 36 months.


We do not have any Registration Fees or Enrollment Fees

The total price of each session varies based upon the number of weeks in a session.  (Pricing  is based upon $13.65 per class for one student, and $12.65 for two students).

Session pricing will be pro-rated for students starting after the first week of class.

Level Specifications

Beginner: New Students (ages 3-36 months)

  • Parent learns water safety, back float positions and submersion techniques.

Intermediate: 8 months or older (must complete Level 1)

  • Child learns to climb out of safety independently
  • Child learns to hold on to the wall (safety) for three seconds.
  • Parent and child become comfortable with: Pull-aways, Push-aways, Free Submersion, Swim-to-Safety, and Back Floating Positions.


  • Child learns to better kick and float independently.
  • Child continues to learns how to Pull-away and Submerge.
  • Child improves on Plunging and Surfacing within three seconds.


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