Adult Swim Lessons in Aurora and Naperville, Illinois

Adult Swim Lessons

Our adult swimming lessons are designed to teach you to swim and improve swimming technique.

Adult Swim Lessons Program Overview

It’s never too late to start swimming! Our Adult Swim Lessons allow you to decrease your fear of the water and improve your swimming technique in a comfortable environment. Swim classes are available at our swimming school for adults in Aurora and Naperville, Illinois and other areas.

Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that builds your cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle tone, and helps shed pounds without the joint stress associated with running or jogging.

Our swimming school offers both Group and Private Adult Swim Classes. Our Private, or Semi-Private (2 students) Swim Lessons at our indoor pool often provide students with accelerated improvement, as each lesson is tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

Adult Swim Classes Recommended For

Our Adult Swim Lessons are recommended for anyone 18 years of age, of any ability level.

Adult Swim Lessons Pricing

We do not have any Registration Fees or Enrollment Fees for our Adult Swim Classes

The total price of each session varies based upon the number of weeks in a session.  (Pricing  is based upon $14.65 per swimming class).

Session pricing will be pro-rated for adults starting after the first week of class.

Swim Classes Level Breakdown


  • This level of adult swim lessons is for individuals who are afraid of the water and/or new to swimming.


  • The Intermediate level of adult swim classes is designed for individuals who can complete 25 yds. of freestyle without stopping, but want to improve their swimming ability.


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