What’s Next Once Your Child Completes Swimming Lessons In Aurora

Swimming lessons AuroraAt DuPage Swimming Center, we offer swimming lessons in Aurora to children of every age and with every ability level. Our skilled and experienced team of instructors have one primary goal: to ensure that all of their young students learn the skills needed to navigate through any water situation safely and confidently. When signing your child up for swimming lessons in Aurora at our facility you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your young swimmer will learn to master all of the necessary skills needed to become a successful swimmer.


Next Steps: Is Your Child Ready To Move On From Swimming Lessons In Aurora


Here at DuPage, we not only partner with parents throughout their child’s swimming lessons in Aurora, we also often continue to team with them once their child has successfully graduated from all of our beginner sessions. Once they’ve watched their children master what’s needed to become a strong swimmer, they often find themselves wondering, “What’s next?” Many of our parents come to us wondering if their little one may be ready to take their sharpened swim skills and begin swimming competitively.


How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Compete


The DuPage Swimming staff knows firsthand the many physical, social, and emotional benefits that can come with competitive swimming. However, we also know that it’s important to never assume that a child is ready to compete simply because he or she has successfully completed lessons at our facility. There is a wide range of factors that we suggest parents consider before they sign their child up for a competition.


Skill level marks the first major consideration for parents looking to have their child compete. Many competitions require a mastery of four basic strokes. If your child can successfully execute the breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle, they should have the skill foundation needed to compete.


Another major detail that warrants consideration is emotional readiness (this is the ‘big’ factor). Many swim competitions are divided into age group. However, just because a child meets the age requirement doesn’t mean he’s emotional prepared to enter a competition. It’s critical to make sure that your child is prepared to emotionally handle anything that comes with competing.


Perhaps the biggest factor to consider before signing your child up for a swim competition is whether or not your swimmers have a true desire to take their participation up to the next level. Competitions of any type require dedication from participants. Your young swimmer will have to commit to specific practice times as well as various training routines, all while figuring out which competitions make most sense for your child (different lengths, strokes, etc.). He or she will also have to commit to attending the meets whenever and wherever they are held. Knowing that your child actually wants to compete can help you enjoy a positive overall experience.


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