Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics Exercises | Water Fitness

In our water aerobics classes and exercises, our instructors work with you to enhance technique and optimize performance

Water Aerobics Program Overview

Our Water Aerobic Classes are targeted to help all participants, regardless of gender or ability level.

Water Walking and Flexibility:  In this class, students will be in the therapeutic wading pool.  The temperature is 94 degrees and the deepest depth is 3.5 feet.  This class is structured to get your heart rate going, increase your flexibility, and to realize your full strength potential.

Introduction to Water Aerobics: In this class, students will move forward, backwards, and sideways in a fun and rhythmic pattern.  We use regular, short, quick, and long steps.  Resistance can be added for those students who are more advanced.  This class is done in both the shallow end of the lap pool (up to halfway, as comfortable) and also the deep end (as comfortable).  Flotation devices will be provided for class time spent in deeper water.

Water Aerobics Exercise Benefits

Buoyancy and Resistance

  • Buoyancy allows people to do exercises that are difficult to do on land. By exercising in water, there is continual resistance to every move you make.


  • Water aerobics classes and exercises help people recover from accidents and sickness by helping with pain management. Water aerobics routines can also help combat the aging process!


  • Water aerobics helps build cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility, helps burn body fat, and increases circulation.

Water Aerobics Classes Pricing

We do not have any Registration Fees or Enrollment Fees

The total price of each water aerobics session varies based upon the number of weeks in a session. (Pricing is based upon $13.65 per class when registering for the entire session).  Drop in rate is $14.65 per water aerobics class.  Two hours notice is required for drop in class participation.

Water aerobics session pricing will be pro-rated for students starting after the first week of class.


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