Our Naperville and Aurora swim club offers private video lessons.

Video Analysis Lessons

Visually fine-tuning technique to optimize performance

Program Overview

Dartfish video-feedback private lessons are 30-minute 1-on-1 lessons utilizing industry-leading video capture and playback software.  Your instructor will have two cameras to capture a variety of angles (including underwater) to best analyze stroke mechanics.  The recorded video is then played back and discussed to refine specific technique.  Our large flat-screen, located on the pool deck, allows students to receive immediate feedback between videos without leaving the water.  Before and after videos can be compared side-by-side to illustrate progress within the lesson.

Our video analysis lessons allow swimmers to swim in a lap pool without an artificial current (found in flumes/endless pools).  This enables our swimmer’s to fix technique in the same environment that they will race in.

After the lesson, you will have online access to your video analysis so that you can review your technique corrections.

 Recommended For

Swim Team Preparation/Technique refinement

  • To improve Starts, turns, finishes, and stroke technique

Visual Learners

  • For individuals who respond better visually to stroke correction


  • For individuals who want to improve stoke efficiency and breathing technique.


1 lesson: $55



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