The Right Age To Take Aurora Swim Lessons

Is It Ever “Too Early” To Take Aurora Swim Lessons?

Should toddlers learn to swim before they learn to walk?

There are two schools of thought. On the one hand, some claim babies are unable to develop a level of competency at swimming. Therefore, lessons are a waste of time. Others claim learning to swim as an infant significantly decreases the likelihood of drowning later in life.

Our position is that Aurora swim lessons offer enormous value to kids as young as six months of age. Below, you’ll learn the reasons as well as why a leading organization of pediatricians advocates as much.

Reasons To Start Swim Lessons At A Young Age

It’s important for your child to feel comfortable in the water. Baths and showers become less frightening and more fun. Your swimming pool becomes less a threat and more of an opportunity for recreation. Trips to the beach become less unnerving and more engaging as a family activity.

Additionally, infants taught to swim in a safe, controlled environment often learn more quickly than older kids. It’s akin to learning to speak a second language. Children have an easier time doing so than their older counterparts.

The Case Against Early Swim Lessons

Critics point out that babies lack the physical and neurological tools to make the most of Aurora swim lessons. They argue that babies are thus unable to truly enjoy and make use of the instruction.

They also note the lack of scientific evidence supporting the idea that early lessons reduce the risk of drowning.

To the first point, infants need not possess a full range of physical and neurological capabilities to enjoy being in the water. After all, the act of swimming isn’t the main goal. Parent-tot swim lessons are designed to allow child and parent to bond while encouraging a long-lasting fondness of the water.

aurora swim lessonsTo the second point, the absence of studies demonstrating a reduced drowning rate among children who learned to swim early in life doesn’t disprove the causal relationship. It merely highlights a shortage of research on the matter. In fact, swim lessons are more likely to encourage children to be safe and alert while in the water.

The Benefit Of Parent Participation

Parents’ participation is a crucial part of Aurora swim lessons for infants. Their presence in the water is a comfort to their children. It makes the experience of being in a new environment less intimidating.

In addition, parents who participate are able to hear the instructor’s advice regarding how to be safe in the water. They learn to identify risks along with how to avoid them or respond to them.

The biggest benefit of your participation is that your child will associate the fun of being in the water with your time together. That connection can remain strong as he or she develops better skills and a growing level of comfort.

AAP “Signs Off” On Early Swim Lessons

Several years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advised parents against enrolling their infants into swim lessons. The organization’s official stance was that children should not be enrolled before turning four years of age. Otherwise, both parents and infants were likely to develop an unrealistic sense of security in the water.

In 2010, the AAP reversed its stance. The organization became aware of research showing that kids between one and four years of age were less likely to drown when they had received formal swimming lessons. The AAP decided to retract its earlier recommendation. In doing so, it indicated its tacit approval of enrolling children into lessons that provide formal instruction.

Aurora Swim Lessons: It’s Never Too Early

Technically, the earliest age at which a child should receive swim instruction is six months. That’s the age at which the lessons start to add significant value and cultivate a lifelong affection for the water.

The Aurora swim lessons at the DuPage Swimming Center have been designed with that restriction in mind. Experienced instructors teach parents and their children water safety through creative games and fun group exercises. It’s a great opportunity to not only teach your kids how to swim, but to instill them with confidence and a sense of independence in the water.

Headquartered in Aurora, the DuPage Swimming Center offers a fully trained staff of instructors and a world-class swimming facility. Find out about our full range of swim programs, including those designed for infants and toddlers. Contact our team today to take the first step toward teaching your child to swim in a fun, safe and engaging learning environment.