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Patient – Professional – Fun”

-DuPage Swim Center Parent

Not until recently did I realize the true importance of swim lessons. While on spring break, my 4 year old son jumped into the deep end of the pool unsupervised. Attending to my infant son, I did not see him in the water until he was floating on his back. Unable to swim in deep water, he was able to use the skills he learned at the DuPage Swim Center to keep himself above water. If you have ever doubted having your child take swim lessons- don’t. Without DuPage Swim Center, our outcome could have been much different.”

-DuPage Swim Center Parent

We have been coming to DuPage Swimming Center for over five years. All four of my children have learned to swim there. The small class size offers individual attention to the kids and allows them to progress at their own speed. The General Manager is very responsive to the parents, and is also a great teacher no matter how old your children are.”

-Danielle Paul, DuPage Swimming Center Parent

My family has been very happy with the DuPage Swimming Center. The two pools are always well-maintained and kept clean. All the staff and instructors are very friendly, kind and always ready to help. Four children to an instructor is a good number, and the schedules are very flexible. It is a wonderful place to swim.”

-Vandna Kapoor, DuPage Swimming Center Parent

DuPage is a great full-service swimming center with group as well as individual lessons. It has flexible hours and a very competent staff. My little one loves going to the DuPage Swim Center!. And very importantly, it’s clean!”

-Linda W., DuPage Swimming Center Parent

I had four children learn to swim at the DuPage Swimming Center. They loved the teachers and the warm pool. More importantly, I love that they learned the skills they needed to swim and feel comfortable in the water. They can have fun now and I can relax! My fifth child will be a student at the DuPage Swim Center very soon. I know she will have a great experience and will love it!”

-DuPage Swim Center Parent

The staff is very friendly and kind. They always accommodate families’ needs when unforeseen circumstances occur and rescheduling is needed. The instructors are very good at keeping parents up to date with the progress of their child. Also, the facility is clean. The pools are kept warm so kids can swim during the winter season without difficulty.”

-DuPage Swim Center Parent


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