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7 Health Benefits For Kids Swimming In Aurora Indoor Pools

7 Health Benefits For Kids Swimming In Aurora Indoor Pools

swimming in aurora indoor pools

Children’s fitness is a hot topic these days. According to the American Heart Association, one in three kids in the U.S. is obese, a statistic that has tripled since the 1970s. The AHA ranks childhood obesity as the top concern among parents, above smoking and drug abuse. That’s understandable since the condition increases the risk of serious health issues.

When you enroll your child into swim lessons at our Aurora indoor pools, you give him or her a fighting chance to avoid such problems. Below, we’ll describe seven ways that swimming protects and improves your child’s health.

#1 – It Builds Muscles

Swimming works muscles throughout the entire body. That attribute alone distinguishes it from other forms of exercise.

Consider that jogging focuses on the legs; sit-ups focus on the abdominals; and pushups focus on the arms and chest. Swimming, by comparison, provides a comprehensive workout.

Improving muscle strength at an early age lays the groundwork for strong muscles later in life.

#2 – It Works The Heart

Supervised swim lessons in our Aurora indoor pools also work the cardiovascular system. The physical activity, a form of aerobic exercise, prompts the heart and lungs to work together. The enrollee benefits from improved blood flow, oxygen distribution and overall heart health.

#3 – It Improves Flexibility

Young children are naturally flexible. The problem is that many lose that flexibility over time because they don’t regularly participate in activities that keep them limber.

Swimming forces the individual to twist, bend, rotate and curl in ways that keep the joints loose and pliable. Every lesson is like a de facto stretching routine.

The result? Your child won’t lose the flexibility he or she enjoys.

#4 – It Balances Cholesterol

Health experts, from doctors to nutritionists, distinguish “good” cholesterol from “bad” cholesterol. The goal is to increase the volume of the former and decrease the volume of the latter.

Studies show aerobic exercise, such as swimming, helps to accomplish that goal. Researchers have found that it stimulates the release of enzymes that remove bad cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Give your child a head start toward preventing cholesterol problems later in life. Enroll him or her into formal swim lessons that will provide the exercise he or she needs.

#5 – It Burns Calories

Swimming is a safe, low-impact way to burn calories. That’s important given the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity in the U.S.

Perfecting body rotations, doing flip-turns and mastering the four strokes is not only fun, but will also help your child to keep his or her weight under control.

#6 – It Prevents Diabetes

The exercise that swim lessons provide can help protect your son or daughter from developing diabetes. According to the National Diabetes Education Program, more than 200,000 young people (those under 20 years of age) in the U.S. were afflicted by the disease in 2012.

One of the most common contributing factors of the condition is a sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, that’s easy to avoid. Swim lessons at our Aurora indoor pools give your child an outlet through which to stay physically active.

That alone can help keep this terrible disease at bay.

#7 – It Increases Endurance

It’s almost impossible to swim on a regular basis without improving your endurance. That’s one of the health benefits your child will enjoy when you enroll him or her into group swim lessons.

Remember, swimming works the heart, lungs and muscles, all at the same time. That increases the body’s endurance, leading to better lung capacity, improved sleep and better overall health.

Swim lessons at our Aurora indoor pools offer children more than just a fun, engaging environment in which to learn how to swim. They provide valuable exercise along with its many attendant health benefits.

The DuPage Swimming Center is a renowned, state-of-the-art swimming facility in Aurora, Illinois. Staffed by instructors with experience in teaching young children how to swim, it’s the first choice among parents seeking formal swimming instruction for their kids. Contact our instructors to learn about our private and group swim programs and find out why other members enroll their children year-round.