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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Register Your Children for Swim Lessons

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Your Children Are Older to Register Them for Swim Lessons

Swim lessons Naperville“Sign the kids up for swim lessons.” These words have lived on the to-do lists of busy parents everywhere. Even though lots of parents intend to sign their little ones up for classes, not many of them actually get around to it. Maybe it never seems like a good time in the schedule. Maybe since you don’t have a pool at your house you figure lessons are not necessary until your kids are older. The truth is, the best time for your children to begin learning how to swim is now. In this review, we will discuss why you shouldn’t wait until your children are older to sign them up for classes.

#1 – Swim Lessons Save Lives

Giving your child the opportunity to learn to swim at a young age takes a lot of work. You have to carve out time in your schedule for class, make the trip, and bring changes of clothes for you and your child. There may even be times when you and your child just don’t feel like it. Although swimming lessons might add to your schedule, you have to consider the fact that they could literally save your child’s life one day. Sign your kids up for classes so that if they are ever in a situation where they are in the water unattended, they will be prepared.

#2 – Swim Lessons Familiarize Children With The Water

In addition to saving lives, classes also familiarize little ones with the water. Some kids just do not have an inherent fear of the water. Because of this, little ones may be tempted to enter a pool by themselves out of curiosity or a lack of understanding. This is why registering your kids for swimming programs is so important. Within the first lesson or two, kids begin to develop a respect of the water. They learn very quickly that they can’t breathe under water and that they need mommy or daddy with them at all times. The younger a child can begin learning these concepts, the better.

#3 – Swim Lessons Help Children Stay Active

Not only do classes keep children safe and familiarize them with the water, but they also help them stay active. After all, swimming is something that is not just functional, but enjoyable as well. In a time when so many adolescents are wrapped up in technology and staying indoors, it has never been more important to cultivate a love in our kids for outdoor activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is excellent exercise and a great way for children to stay active. The younger your son or daughter begins swimming, the stronger swimmer they will likely become. You never know – maybe you are looking at a future Olympic gold medalist!

If you are a parent of young children, keep in mind the reasons to sign your little ones up for swim lessons sooner than later.


DuPage Swimming Center is a state-of-the-art instructional swimming facility in Aurora, Illinois. We offer swim programs for children ages six months and older. Our goal is to teach every student how to be water safe, while having fun.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Swimming Lessons are Important for Older Kids

Swim Lessons Naperville: It’s not too Late for your Child to Start Swim Lessons Naperville

When it comes to swim lessons, Naperville parents are constantly hearing the stress of signing their kids up early on to get them swimming from a young age. They hear it is important to get their kids into the many swim lessons Naperville offers for development, safety, education, and fun. But what about the older kids? It seems like people forget to talk up the importance of swim lessons for children of any age, especially tweens.

Swim lessons are an essential skill for any individual- child, teen, or adult. We all know that drowning is America’s second leading cause of accidental death of kids under the age of 14. Enrolling children of any age in swim lessons leads to an 88% reduced risk of drowning. Yet, the Centers for Disease Control reports that an estimated 37% of American adults still cannot swim.

Fortunately, swimming is a skill that can be taught at any age- it is never too late! Older children and tweens can learn to swim quickly and easily when enrolled into the top quality swim lessons Naperville offers for this age group. Conversely, if your children already learned to swim when they were little, this doesn’t mean they can stop learning. Swimming needs continuous learning and practice. It is common that children who are confident in the water as young kids are not pushed to continue pursuing lessons into their tween and teen years simply because they already know how to swim. However, for reasons of safety and skill, lessons should continue. Here are our top reasons why you need to get and keep your child involved in the quality swim lessons Naperville pools have.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Reduce the Risk of Drowning

The Centers for Disease Control reports an average of 3,533 deaths from unintentional drownings (non-boating related) every year in the US. One in five of these deaths is a child under the age of 14. In the summer of 2012, 137 children died from drowning. Clearly, drowning is a real problem. While the most fatalities happen to younger children, older children are the ones who are more likely to be around water when swimming lessons napervilleparents are not present. Whether the neighbor’s pool, a day trip to the beach with friends, or other encounter with water, the reality is that the opportunities for children to be around water are numerous. Swimming is an essential skill, even if your child doesn’t plan to be doing laps at the local swim club. Relieve stress for both you and your child by making sure they enroll in Naperville swim classes and get the critical skills down.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Explore a Team and Individual Sport

Unique to swimming as a sport is the fact that it is both a team and individual sport, meaning that your child can gain the technique and receive the benefits of both these forms of sport. Kids get instruction and motivation from teachers when in their swim lessons, plus they get to learn and interact with other children in class with them. Then there is of course the advantage of joining the swim team, where they build teamwork skills and get to compete against other teams.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Build up Strength

If not for any other benefits, Naperville swim lessons offer a great workout! Swimming is a total body workout that works your core, legs, and arms. Enrolling your child in swim classes gives your kids the opportunity to exercise while having fun. You’ll be happy to have your son or daughter in one of our swim lessons in Naperville, because they can gain fundamental skills while staying active. Major physical benefits to swimming include: cardiovascular exercise, increased strength, more flexibility, and all-over muscles.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Help your Child do better in School

Did you know that swimming classes can help your child do better in school? Swimming has been scientifically linked to better academic performance. Studies have found that kids who swim throughout their developmental years were quicker to achieve both physical and mental milestones. Scientifically speaking, the sensory learning and particular type of instruction that kids receive during swim classes translates seamlessly into the type of learning that goes on in the classroom.

Swim Lessons Naperville: An Investment That Will Always Pay off and be Useful at Any Age

Possibly the best part of the swimming lessons Naperville offers is that it is something kids can do at any age, even into adulthood! Whether young or old, swimming is a sport that everyone can take part in and Swim-lessons-older-kidsenjoy. It is truly an activity that can last a lifetime. Expose your child as early as possible and help them gain a skill that will always come in handy, and that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives!

The Best Gift you can give your Child

No matter what your child’s age, sign them up for the best swim lessons Naperville provides to get them in better physical, mental, and emotional shape! Contact DuPage Swim Center today and sign your child up for an investment that will pay off for the rest of their lives.

How Competitive Swim Lessons In Naperville Offer Critical Life Skills

swim lessons NapervilleHas your child shown an interest in competitive swim lessons in Naperville? If so, you have probably considered some of the many benefits your little one will experience while in the pool. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, a leading provider of swim lessons in Naperville, we have seen firsthand that the advantages of competitive instruction are not just limited to the water. Many of our swimmers who participate in competitive swim lessons will build and hone a comprehensive range of important life skills that can be used long after their time at our facility.


Competitive Swim Lessons In Naperville: Six Key Characteristics Learned In The Pool


What will your child learn from competitive swim lessons in Naperville? Here are six of the the many life skills your swimmer will learn:


Effective Time Management: As kids get older, their schedules and responsibilities get bigger. Having to carefully balance schoolwork, extra curricular activities and sessions at the pool can help them sharpen their time management skills. This will foster effective time management skills that will last a lifetime.


Tolerance And Patience: Participating on a swim team means that your child will get to know a wide range of varying personalities. They will click with some teammates, and others may be more challenging to get along with. Competitive swim lessons in Naperville can give them early life lessons in tolerance and patience.


The Advantage Of Constructive Criticism: Working with a coach in a competitive capacity of any type means that you have to be willing to embrace criticism and constructive critiquing. Hearing constructive criticism is not always easy; however, knowing how to embrace constructive criticism and use it to improve your skills can truly be an asset in virtually every facet of life.


Working Towards A Goal: Competitive swim lessons teach young swimmers how to set goals and work towards achieving them. Knowing how to stay focused in order to reach specific objectives and milestones can be an invaluable life skill.


Importance Of Activity: As parents, we all worry about keeping our kids healthy and active. However, as adults, staying fit and healthy tends to become more of a struggle. Signing your child up for competitive swim lessons in Naperville teaches children how to embrace physical challenges. For many former students, living a fit and active lifestyle is something that they embrace throughout their lives.


Importance Of Good Sportsmanship: A final key life lesson that comes with participating on a swimming team is learning how to win and lose with grace. Doing anything competitively means having to face wins, as well as losses with respect and sportsmanship. The same holds true outside of the pool. No matter where your child goes in life, he or she will experience some victories, as well as defeats. Understanding how to manage the outcome of any situation, good or bad, can make all the difference in their lives, long after they’ve stopped competing.


Want to hear more about DuPage’s state-of-the-art swim facility? Contact us today!

3 Reasons To Sign Your Kids Up For Swim Lessons In Naperville

Every parent of young children thinks to themselves, “I should really sign my son/daughter up for swim lessons.” Although so many parents have this thought, so few seem to turn it in to reality. Life gets busy and we tend to forget. Perhaps, we just decide that we will wait until they are older to sign them up for swim lessons. If you are a parent ofsign up swim lessons naperville young children, the ideal time to sign your children up for lessons is now. Below, we will share three reasons to sign your kids up for swim lessons in Naperville.


#1 – To Protect Them


Perhaps some parents do not sign their children up for swim lessons at a young age because they do not like the thought of putting them in potentially stressful situations in the water. What these parents may not be thinking about is the fact that teaching their kids how to swim at a young age could one day save their lives. To acclimate children to water and familiarize them with what to do, parents can become pro-active and sign their kids up for swim lessons. As more and more parents take advantage of swim lessons in Naperville, the better prepared our children will be for potentially hazardous situations.


#2 – To Educate Them


The second reason to sign your children up for swim lessons in Naperville is to educate them about swimming and water safety. Small children typically do not have a natural fear of water. For this reason, they may be tempted to enter a pool or body of water unattended if the opportunity arises. One of the benefits of swim lessons is that while they familiarize children with swimming, they also provide them with an understanding of water. Small children begin to grasp concepts like the fact that they can’t take breaths while under water and they need to keep their mouth closed under water. Additionally, children begin to understand that they should never enter a pool or body of water without an adult. Learning different swimming techniques will also be a fun challenge for young children.


#3 – To Inspire Them


In addition to protecting and educating them, signing your kids up for swim lessons in Naperville can also inspire them. Your children will learn that while they need to respect water safety, water is also something that can be enjoyed. In an age where many children are consumed with television, video games, and computers, it is important to encourage our children to get active. Swimming is a great way for them to be active and get exercise. Introducing them to the water at a young age will likely cultivate a love for water activities. Who knows? You might be raising a future Olympic swimmer! You just never know.


If you want to find out more about swim lessons in Naperville, contact DuPage Swimming Center to find out about the programs available for your kids.

Take The Plunge: Garnering Success At Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Naperville

parent tot swimming lessons napervilleHere at DuPage Swimming Center, we often consult with parents of young children who assume that their little one is still too little to participate in our swimming lessons in Naperville. They are often surprised to learn that this simply isn’t the case. At DuPage we proudly offer parent/tot swimming lessons in Naperville specifically for children ages 6 – 36 months. Our swimming lessons in Naperville can deliver an ideal way for parents and children to spend quality time together in a fun, active, and social setting.


DuPage Helps Parents Enjoy Success During Swimming Lessons In Naperville


Does the thought of successfully managing pool time with your child instantly feel overwhelming? It’s a common initial reaction for many parents. First and foremost, many parents worry about keeping their child safe in the water. At DuPage, our skilled, licensed and trained swim experts will work closely with you throughout your time in the pool to strengthen your confidence in the water with your child as well as teach you critical tactics needed to keep your child safe at all times.


Setting Up For Success During Your DuPage Pool Time


Of course safety alone isn’t the only thing that our parents worry about when signing up for our tot swimming lessons. Many of our moms and dads also feel concerned about their toddlers’ behavior in the pool. At DuPage, we understand that our littlest swimmers can be unpredictable at times. Some days they are excited and can’t wait to get in the water, while other times, parents struggle to get them anywhere near the pool.


While nothing is guaranteed all the time, there are a few specific tips that we encourage moms and dads to use on pool day to foster a positive experience during swimming lessons in Naperville. The most important consideration when swimming with little ones is to consider their physical comforts before coming to the pool. Coming to lessons well rested can make a major difference in the overall experience at our facility. Additionally, making sure your young swimmer isn’t hungry can also help keep them engaged with the instructor’s lesson.


Choosing the right swimwear can also play a key role in the experience you’ll have at our pools. Being able to move freely is important. That’s why we highly recommend that all of our parents select swimsuits for both themselves and their child that are comfortable and unrestricting. Additionally, swim diapers are also important for younger children who aren’t potty trained yet.


Most importantly, when participating in parent/tot swimming lessons in Naperville, it’s critical to follow your child’s lead throughout the process. When your little one finds something that she’s excited about in the water, we can help you encourage her to further her skills in a fun and safe setting. Likewise, if there are elements about the lesson that your child feels hesitant about, it’s important to show patience and understanding until she feels confident enough to try again. At DuPage, we can work with you in the water to truly go with the flow and enjoy a positive swim experience from start to finish.


Ready to take the plunge at DuPage Swimming Center? Contact us to see our schedule of swimming lessons in Naperville.

Swim Lessons In Naperville Deliver Key Benefits That Last A Lifetime

Swimming Classes NapervilleHere at DuPage Swimming Center, we understand firsthand that learning to swim delivers an extensive range of invaluable life skills. That’s why we proudly offer a variety of swim lessons in Naperville for students of every age and ability. We firmly believe that our swim classes can provide critical abilities that will extend beyond the pool and last throughout your child’s lifetime.

DuPage Swimming Center: Swim Lessons In Naperville With A Difference

When choosing DuPage Swimming Center as your resource for swim lessons in Naperville, you’ll have access to our extensive pool instruction calendar as well as our team of highly-skilled and experienced instructors. Your child will learn to swim in a state-of-the-art facility surrounded by experts dedicated to ensuring that he or she enjoys a positive and engaging experience from start to finish.

Our facility and expert staff members aren’t the only advantages that choosing DuPage Swimming Center offers your child. Choosing us for swim lessons in Naperville offers an impressive range of benefits that just may surprise you. First and foremost, when working with our team, your child will gain invaluable tips on water safety. It’s not surprising that your child will be exposed to water situations throughout her life. Swimming, boating, water sports and snorkeling are just some of the many ways your child may find herself near water. Swim lessons in Naperville can help her build potentially lifesaving skills to ensure that she is always safe in any water situation.

Other Advantages Of Enrolling Your Child In Our Swimming Program

Of course, water safety isn’t the only key advantage that comes with enrolling in our program for swim lessons in Naperville. When participating in our water courses, your child will also gain enhanced confidence and self-esteem that extend far beyond our pools. With every class, your little one will be able to see and feel the improvement in his technique and ability. Understanding the importance of practice and patience can build an enthusiastic confidence for trying new things that will stay with him through adulthood.

Additionally, taking swim lessons in Naperville can play a key role in establishing a health and fitness foundation for your child. Swim lessons work every muscle in your child’s body…all without intense impact on her bones and joints. Not only will she get an opportunity to burn off a little energy in our pool, but she will also be starting a routine of getting active that offers long-term health benefits and results.

Group swim lessons in Naperville can also help improve a child’s social skills. At DuPage Swimming Center, we group our students based on factors such as age and ability. Our swim sessions provide many opportunities for your child to socialize and interact with other children beyond his usual peer group in a fun and active setting.

Finally, many of our parents notice that our swim lessons in Naperville help their children build their competitive skills. Each week, our students work hard to feel more confident in the water and master various skills and techniques. By developing and sharpening a competitive drive in the pool, our students gain an invaluable tool that will help them in situations throughout their lives.

Want to hear more about DuPage Swimming Center’s swim lessons in Naperville? Contact us today.

Preparing Your Children For Swim Lessons In Naperville

Swim Lessons in NapervilleSwimming is a necessary and valuable skill for children to have and many parents agree that swim lessons in Naperville are excellent ways to make sure that their children are safe and comfortable in the water. While swim lessons in Naperville aren’t a substitute for constant parental supervision in water, they’re a great way to give kids the confidence that they need to play and have fun in a pool. However, some kids are nervous about swim lessons in Naperville, especially if they’ve never had them before. To help your kids, use these tips to prepare them for swimming classes.

Preparing For Swim Lessons In Naperville: Goggles

Many children don’t like to put their face in the water, especially during their first few swim lessons in Naperville. If your child resists when you ask him or her to put their face in the water, consider buying some goggles. Goggles will help kids become comfortable with putting their face in the water since their eyes will be protected and can be purchased at nearly any sporting goods store or big box discount retailer.

Preparing For Swim Lessons In Naperville: Deciding Between Private Or Group Lessons

Some children do best in group lessons, while others may require a more personal instruction style. If you’re trying to decide between group and private lessons, there’s no right or wrong answer! Additionally, because the DuPage Swimming Center realizes that some parents aren’t sure which types of classes are right, we allow seamless transitioning from group to private lessons or vice versa. If you decide that you’d like to switch your child’s class, contact us and we’ll be happy to make the switch and transfer your credit.

Preparing For Swim Lessons In Naperville: Indoor Or Outdoor Pool?

Many parents remember their own swimming lessons in outdoor pools — that is they remember freezing in the early morning hours. For this reason alone, many parents choose indoor pools. When you choose an indoor pool, such as the ones at the DuPage Swimming Center, your child can learn to swim in a temperature controlled environment without worrying about a cool breeze blowing through right as they’re getting out of the pool. Our teaching pool is heated to 93 degrees, which helps very small children remain comfortable and warm. Older children will have swim lessons in Naperville in our competition pool, which is heated to 83 degrees.

Preparing For Swim Lessons In Naperville: What Happens If Your Child Cries?

Sometimes children can be quite nervous when they first start taking swimming lessons. If your child cries when it’s time for class, it’s actually best if you let the instructor handle the tears. The instructors at the DuPage Swimming Center are experienced in helping scared children become comfortable in the water and will be able to calm your child down. Parents are welcome to watch their children from our classroom area.

If you want your child to take swim lessons in Naperville, minimize stress by preparing your child ahead of time. Letting them pick their own goggles, deciding between private and group lessons, choosing an indoor pool and knowing how to handle tears are all easy things to do to help your child learn how to swim in a comfortable environment.

To learn more about swim lessons in Naperville from the DuPage Swimming Center, please contact us today at 630-692-1500.