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Top 7 Reasons To Join A Naperville Swim Club

Top 7 Reasons To Join A Naperville Swim Club

Swimming is an activity best enjoyed in the company of others. That’s why many folks join our Naperville swim club. They find our facility not only offers a safe, warm place to practice, but there’s also a comforting camaraderie that develops among our members.

Whether you want to learn how to swim or already have years of swimming experience under your belt, consider becoming a member. Following are seven compelling reasons to do so.

Naperville Swim Club#1 – To Learn A Lifelong Skill

Swimming is a skill you’ll enjoy over your lifetime. It pays dividends year after year.

For example, it’s common for children who learn to swim early in life to go on to swim competitively in high school and college. Some enter triathlons. Others enjoy swimming during social functions. Still others use it as a form of exercise.

It’s like learning to drive or ride a bike. Once you learn, you’ll benefit for years to come.

#2 – To Develop The Habit

Joining a swim club in Naperville lends structure to your interest in swimming. Rather than just practicing when the mood strikes, you can attend weekly lessons and schedule daily practice sessions. This ensures that you put in the necessary time to learn proper stroke mechanics.

There’s no better way to develop and strengthen the swimming habit than by consistent application.

#3 – To Get Into (Or Stay In) Shape

Do you often find yourself sitting on your couch and watching television when your body craves exercise? Do you sometimes veto the idea of going to the gym because it doesn’t sound fun?

If so, joining a popular swim club in Naperville may be an ideal solution. A state-of-the-art facility combined with a membership filled with people excited to be there can be a powerful motivator. Take advantage of it to stay in shape.

#4 – To Enjoy A Family Activity

Your entire family can join the fun. Enroll your kids into children’s group swim lessons so they can develop and benefits from this life-changing skill. If your children are under six years of age, enroll them into parent / tot swim lessons. If your kids are older, bring your entire family to the swim club for open lap swim, during which all of you can perfect your skills.

The point is that swimming doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. It can be an activity you enjoy with your spouse and kids.

#5 – To Improve Your Stroke Technique

Learning proper stroke mechanics will make you a competent swimmer. You’ll become comfortable in the water and able to swim safely in practically every circumstance.

But there’s always room for improvement.

Improving your technique can reduce the energy you expend while swimming, thereby increasing your stamina in the water. It can also improve your speed. When you join a swim club, you’ll be able to work on your technique with the help of experienced instructors.

#6 – To Make New Friends

Swimming at a Naperville swim club can also be a social affair. You’ll inevitably meet people and make new friends.

This is part of the aforementioned camaraderie that develops among members. Everybody is at the club for the same general reason: an interest in swimming. That connection makes it easy to forge new relationships.

#7 – To Be Part Of A Community

It’s one thing to make new friends while learning to swim. It’s another to feel as if you’re a part of a tight-knit community.

Once you join a swim club, you’ll gradually learn other members’ names. In turn, they’ll learn yours. Before long, bonds will develop. The longer you remain a member, the stronger these bonds become.

If you’re looking for a place to swim, whether it’s to learn how, practice your technique, or simply stay in shape, consider joining a formal swim club. You’ll enjoy benefits that can make life, now and in the future, more rewarding.

DuPage Swimming Center, an acclaimed swim club in Naperville, has trained thousands of people to swim safely and competently. Our experienced instructors oversee an array of swim programs, from private lessons to group lessons. Take advantage of our world-class facility to enjoy swimming to its fullest potential.

Your Child’s First Swim Lesson At The Naperville Swim Club

Your Child’s First Swim Lesson At The Naperville Swim Club

To be prepared is half the victory.” – Miguel de Cervantes

That should be the motto of every parent who enrolls his or her child into swim lessons. Preparation sets the stage for a more rewarding experience. Conversely, arriving unprepared elevates stress levels, hampers fun and learning, and increases the likelihood your son or daughter will cry.

One of the biggest challenges children face when learning to swim, whether at a Naperville swim club or at home, is their lack of familiarity with being in a pool. Our swim lessons are designed to help them overcome that obstacle. Young students are encouraged through games, songs and fun exercises to enjoy the sessions.

But an important part of the process is in your hands: making sure your child is ready and excited by the time he or she arrives at our pool. Following are a few suggestions to prepare them for the experience.

Teach Your Child To Love The Water

It starts in the bathtub.

Most children learn to be comfortable in the water at an early age. Daily baths acclimate them to the feeling of being submerged, if only for a moment to wash the shampoo from their hair. Why not use that opportunity to prepare your child for his or her first swim lesson?

Here are few suggestions:

  • Have your son or daughter wear goggles while taking a bath
  • Have him or her practice holding their breath underwater
  • Have your child exhale underwater and immediately surface for air

These simple habits will eliminate their fear of the water and ensure they’re ready to enjoy themselves when they arrive at our Naperville swim club.

Help Your Child Get Used To Wearing Swim Goggles

There are two schools of thought concerning kids wearing goggles during swim lessons. Some feel goggles are unnecessary, and thus children should learn to swim without them. Others feel goggles offer practical value in the way they protect the eyes. Hence, children should wear them whenever possible.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Goggles are technically unnecessary. Swimming without them will not harm your child. At the same time, goggles do offer protection from the chlorine and errant particles in the pool.

Ideally, your son or daughter will be comfortable swimming with or without goggles. We suggested above you have your child practice wearing them in the bathtub. It’s a safe, familiar environment that will allow him or her to gain a sense of comfort.

Help Your Child Form The Right Expectationsnaperville swim club

Children who respond negatively to their first swim lesson usually do so out of fear. It stems from not knowing what to expect.

You can allay your child’s concerns with a simple conversation. Reassure your son or daughter of the following before arriving at our pool:

  • You’ll be watching him or her closely during the entire lesson
  • Water may enter his or her nose, causing a slight burning sensation
  • Without goggles, your son or daughter’s vision may be blurry at first
  • The instructor will be nearby during every moment of the lesson
  • Your child may make mistakes, and that’s okay

The most important thing for kids to know when they start lessons at our Naperville swim club is that they’re safe. Help, if needed, is always a mere arm’s length away.

Eat The Right Foods Before The Lesson

Swimming takes energy. That energy comes from food.

You may have heard that it’s unwise to eat before swim lessons. But that’s too broad a statement. The truth is that it’s unwise to eat certain foods.

What types of foods are poor choices before your child’s first swim lesson? Ice cream, chips and other sugary snacks should be avoided. So too should high-fat meals and heavy meat dishes. They can siphon your child’s energy and increase the likelihood of cramps.

Instead, encourage your son or daughter to eat fruit. Apples and berries are excellent options. Give him or her a small portion of pasta or rice. Such foods can be digested easily and metabolized quickly, providing a boost of energy for your child’s swim lesson.

World champion tennis player Arthur Ashe once noted, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” That perfectly captures the value of preparing your child for his or her first swim lesson. Use the suggestions outlined above to make certain your son or daughter arrives at our Naperville swim club ready to have fun learning to swim.

The DuPage Swimming Center is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a perfect learning environment for kids. Each of our instructors has several years of experience in teaching children how to swim. Contact us today to enroll your child into safe, fun swim lessons in a world-class training facility.

3 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Naperville Swim Club

naperville swim club lessonsAt DuPage Swimming Center, we understand that you lead a busy life. You juggle a lot of moving pieces and are responsible for remembering a hundred details on a daily basis. But, this shouldn’t keep you from enrolling your child in a Naperville swim club.


All Of The Benefits Of A Swim Club Without The Stress


You want your kids to learn how to swim, but adding another activity to your busy lifestyle seems overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! We want to work with your busy lifestyle by providing you with an easy, convenient and fun way for your kids to take swim lessons. The following are three reasons to enroll your child in a Naperville swim club at DuPage Swimming Center.


DuPage Swimming Center Offers A Variety Of Ways To Meet Your Specific Needs

We offer private lessons for children ages 3 and up, which are more individually focused and can be scheduled at times that accommodate your calendar. We also offer group lessons for children ages 3 and up, which are more regularly scheduled. This kind of consistency and regularity can make your calendar easier to manage. If your child is younger than 3 years old, we also offer parent/tot classes in which parents participate and learn a variety of techniques to help their child stay safe and have fun in the water. We do offer group and private adult lessons as well, allowing both you and your child to enhance your swimming skills, without demanding too much of your time.


We Have A Flexible Cancellation Policy With No Registration Or Enrollment Fees

At DuPage Swimming Center, we have no registration or enrollment fees, and a flexible cancellation policy. The pricing of lessons depends on the number of classes you want and the number of children you have. But the great thing is, you don’t have to pay any fees or additional costs beyond what you are paying for the lessons. It is easy and free for you and your child to sign up! We also make it easy for you to cancel or reschedule your lesson, in case something else pops up in your schedule. You may cancel up to two hours prior to your lesson at no charge. If you cancel within the two hours leading up to your lesson, you will be charged a $5.00 cancellation fee.


Our Color-Coded Swim Level System Makes It Easy To Learn

Another reason to join is our color-coded swim level system, created by an Australian Olympic swimmer. There are 10 levels in all, beginning with level one: Comfort and Submersion, and ending with level 10: Swim Team Prep. Children are evaluated before they begin to determine their level, allowing them to receive the training that will help them improve beyond their current level of skill. It also ensures children are grouped together based on skill level, encouraging them to challenge one another, without feeling pressured or discouraged.


If you are interested in learning more, and are serious about improving your or your child’s swim technique, don’t hesitate to contact the DuPage Swimming Center today!

DuPage: How Our Indoor Naperville Pools Prove the Perfect Party Plan

naperville pool partyAre you searching for a fun and distinctive way to help your child celebrate his or her next birthday? If you’re like most parents, you probably already have a hard and fast list of “must-have” features that the chosen venue must have to ensure that your little one has the special day that they deserve. At DuPage Swimming Center, we completely understand how vital picking the perfect party venue can be in the overall success of the day. That’s why we proudly offer a wide range of party plan options at our indoor Naperville pools.


Why You Should Choose Our Indoor Naperville Pools For Your Child’s Next Party


At DuPage Swimming Center, we know that you have an extensive assortment of choices when it comes to finding the perfect party place for your little one. That’s why we go above and beyond for parents using our indoor Naperville pools to celebrate their children’s next milestone. No matter what the age and interest of your little guests of honor, we are confident that we will be able to put together the perfect party plan for your child that will make the day special, fun, and memorable.


What makes our indoor Naperville pools such a great choice for your next birthday celebration? It’s no secret that children of all ages love playing in the water. We offer two unique indoor Naperville pools so parents can select the best option based on the age and skill level of their party guests. Once you’ve selected which of our Naperville pools makes sense for your attendees, we coordinate your day so you’ll have one and a half hours of uninterrupted, exclusive use of your chosen pool. Having the water to themselves is a great way to start off your function on a fun vibe. Best of all, using our indoor Naperville pools means that you’ll never have to worry about planning a rain date; your festivities will proceed as planned, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us.


During your use of our Naperville pools, the team at DuPage will completely cater to you and your little guests. We provide various water toys and equipment so that every attendee can have a memorable experience. Our team can even help start and manage pool games during your session to further up the fun factor and help your attendees burn some party energy.


Most importantly, when using DuPage’s Naperville pools for your party, you can rest assured that your attendees are being carefully watched by our trained and skilled staff members. We offer certified lifeguards at every party who have also been trained in CPR and first aid. Your attendees’ safety is our top priority and we will carefully monitor every swimmer so you can enjoy peace of mind.


DuPage Offers More Than Just State-Of-The-Art Indoor Pools


Of course, no birthday party is complete without some of the traditional festivities that youngsters love. DuPage delivers here as well; we offer our party guests access to a private room after the swim session has concluded. Here you can enjoy food, cake, and presents as part of the comprehensive birthday party experience. Best of all, our team will manage cleanup for you once the festivities have ended, so you’ll feel like a guest at your child’s party yourself!


Let DuPage help you plan your child’s next birthday party. Contact us today for more information on our party package!

Finding The Best Swim Club In Naperville

slide-dsc-lap-poolSearching for a leading swim club in Naperville? Here at DuPage Swimming Center we often talk with parents who are looking for the best facility in the area for their children. For some parents, the search for a qualified swim club in Naperville stems from wanting to help their little ones learn how to swim and understand more about the importance of water safety. For others, they are searching for a state-of-the-art facility to help them strengthen their competitive swimming skills. No matter what their primary motivation, every parent we speak with is looking for a safe water environment that is well-suited for their child’s specific needs.


How DuPage Swimming Center Stands Out From Other Swim Clubs In Naperville


If you’re currently in the process of sourcing the right swim club in Naperville for your child’s needs, DuPage Swimming Center can help. We proudly offer a wide range of service differentiators that help set us apart from other indoor swimming facilities in the region. When choosing DuPage Swimming Center, you and your children will enjoy an extensive collection of benefits including:


Modern pools and facility: We offer a modern indoor facility teeming with various pool options to ensure that every child’s needs are met. For new swimmers, we have a warm, shallow teaching pool that allows them to get comfortable in the water at their own pace. Additionally, we also offer a deep lap pool for our more experienced water lovers who want to strengthen their skills or even practice for their next competitive meet.


Wide range of instructional sessions: Additionally, we understand that every swimmer has his/her own distinctive instructional needs and requirements. That’s why we provide an extensive range of instructional classes throughout the year. No matter what your child’s skill level, abilities or goals, we can help find a class that proves a perfect fit.


Skilled and qualified instructors: Of course, a wide range of classes is only one feature our swim club in Naperville; you also deserve skilled and qualified swim instructors as well. Fortunately, DuPage Swimming Center delivers on this front as well. We proudly offer trained instructors to help your little one master whatever technique or level they are at for optimal results. Our entire curriculum is also created by a former Olympian to ensure that we offer students the very latest instructional approach and techniques.


Plenty of time for fun: Most importantly, here at Dupage Swimming Center, we aren’t always focused on the lessons and competition; we also offer extensive opportunities for open swim time. Our open swim sessions have one primary focus – to help you and your little ones have fun in the water! It’s a great way for you to get in the water together, all while allowing your child the chance to practice what she’s learned in class sessions.


With such a comprehensive range of services and capabilities, it’s easy to see why DuPage Swimming Center is a leading swim club in Naperville. Want to learn more about our extensive offerings? Contact us today.

Training For A Triathlon? How A Naperville Swim Club Can Help Ensure You’re Prepared

swim club napervilleWhen most people think of the ultimate athletic accomplishment, it’s not the Super Bowl or World Series that comes to mind. Instead, it’s a triathlon. Athletes who take part in these events have to go through a rigorous training process to prepare and the event that stumps them the most is the swimming portion. Running and biking requires very little equipment and can be done at any time, but swimming is another story. In order to properly train, athletes need to have access to a pool on a regular basis. Learn how a Naperville swim club can help throughout your training process and what you should look for when choosing one.

How Long Is The Swimming Portion Of A Triathlon?

Although the swimming portion is the shortest part of any triathlon, that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Swimming takes an incredible amount of effort and energy and smart tri-athletes know that they need to train just as hard, no matter what the distance. The most common swimming distances are:

  • 0.465 mile in a Sprint
  • 0.93 mile in an Intermediate
  • 1.2 miles in a Long Course (also called a half Ironman)
  • 2.4 miles in an Ultra Distance (also called an Ironman)

A Naperville Swim Club Will Offer Lessons For Athletes

Sure, you already know how to swim — that’s a given if you’re planning on completing a triathlon. However, leisure swimming is quite different than racing against the clock, but if you go all out on your triathlon swim, you’re not going to have enough energy to complete the bike ride and the run.

It’s not uncommon for a Naperville swim club to offer private swimming lessons. In these lessons, tri-athletes won’t be worrying about actually staying afloat. Instead, they can receive unique tips on how to conserve energy while swimming at a top speed. Your instructor can help provide tips that will tweak your technique so you can learn how to increase your speed without draining yourself.

A Naperville Swim Club Will Offer Open Swim Times

Next, make sure that your Naperville swim club offers plenty of available times so you can fit training into your schedule. The best clubs will have morning, afternoon and evening hours and offer access at least six days a week. These convenient hours mean that you’ll be able to train nearly any day of the week.

Find A Naperville Swim Club That Offers Monthly Packages

If you’re only planning on using the pool to train for your triathlon, it probably doesn’t make sense to pay for a full year’s membership. Instead, look for a location that will allow you to join on a month-by-month basis. Once your triathlon is over, you might find that you enjoy swimming for fitness and extend your membership.

Look For A Naperville Swim Club That’s Indoors

Outdoor pools just aren’t practical for year-round use in the Midwest. The weather can be unpredictable throughout the year and too cold for outdoor swimming for at least 8 months. Without an indoor pool at a Naperville swim club, your training schedule will be determined by the weather and not your needs.

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or you just want a place to swim for exercise, the DuPage Swimming Center might just be the perfect fit. To learn more about our Naperville swim club, please click here.

Naperville Swim Club: 4 Things That You Should Look For

Naperville Swimming ClubIf you’re looking for a Naperville swim club, knowing what to look for can help you find the right one for you and your family. Before you make a decision, consider if the Naperville swim club offers both single and family memberships, open swim and lap times that work for your schedule, excellent instructors and lifeguards, and is located indoors. These might not be the only things you need to consider, but they’re a good start.

Look For A Naperville Swim Club That Offers Single Or Family Memberships

Flexible memberships mean that anyone can join a Naperville swim club. The DuPage Swimming Center offers memberships for singles, couples and families with up to two children on a monthly or yearly basis. If your family has more than two children, there is a small, per-child fee. Additionally, there is no registration fee if you want to sign up for a membership and you only need to sign up for the months that you want to swim.

Does The Naperville Swim Club Have Lap Swimming Times That Work For Your Schedule?

If you’re swimming for fitness, you’re going to want to find a Naperville swim club that has convenient open swim times. The DuPage Swimming Center has separate lap swim schedules each day, as well as open pool times, six days a week. Lap swim is perfect for adults and teens who want to stay in shape or are trying to stay active while recovering after an injury or surgery. Open swim periods are ideal for families that want to spend some time together in a fun and safe environment.

Look For A Naperville Swim Club With Excellent Instructors And Lifeguards

Having an open swim period isn’t enough — the best Naperville swim club will also have professional, highly trained lifeguards available during each open swim session. While these lifeguards aren’t a substitution for proper parental supervision, having an extra set (or two) of eyes can help ensure that your children enjoy themselves when they’re in the water, yet stay safe at the same time. Additionally, the right instructors can set your kids up for a lifetime of loving the water and can help them learn how to swim at the same time. Knowing how to swim is a valuable lifetime skill that all children should have.

Is The Naperville Swim Club Indoors Or Outdoors?

The weather in Naperville isn’t exactly conducive to year-round outdoor swimming! To get the most out of a Naperville swim club, look for one that’s indoors. An indoor pool means that you can swim any time of the year, even as the snow swirls around outside.

These might not be the only factors you want to consider when choosing a Naperville swim club, but it’s a good start. If you determine that the DuPage Swimming Center is a good fit for you and your family, please contact us today at https://www.dupageswimmingcenter.com/contact-us/ to learn more about swimming lessons, birthday parties or becoming a member.