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What To Ask When Looking For Aurora Swimming Lessons

Are you looking for Aurora swimming lessons for your little ones this summer? Now is a great time to get them involved in organized swim instruction. Working with a professional pool facility can help your children gain confidence around water, increase their skill level, and have fun with their peers. Most importantly, getting qualified lessons for your child can give you peace of mind that he or she will be safe in any water situation that they encounter.


Key Questions To Ask When Screening Potential Swim Instructors


While Aurora swimming lessons can offer a multitude of benefits for children of all ages, as well as adults, where you sign up for instruction matters. Screening prospective instructors and facilities can play a major role in the overall success you enjoy throughout your experience. Knowing what to ask when you screen a facility can help you pinpoint the best pool for you and your little ones.


When Calling About Aurora Swimming Lessons, Consider Asking:


How Long Has Your Facility Been In Operation?

An established facility can offer a wide range of benefits over pools that have just opened. Look for a pool that has a lengthy, successful history in teaching swim lessons.


What Are The Qualifications Of Your Instructors?

Knowing the experience, training, and skill level of the instructors working with your children can ease your mind about their safety when spending time in the water. A qualified instructor will have CPR, AED, First Aid and Lifeguard certification to ensure the safety of each student at all times.


What Type Of Swim Programs Do You Offer?

Every student has his/her own unique learning needs and specific environment(s) where he/she will be most successful. A swim facility that only offers limited classes may feel like a forced fit during your child’s time in the pool. When screening facilities, ask if they offer options for group and private lessons to find the right learning environment for your child.


Are Your Pools Heated?

Yes, the temperature of the pool matters during lessons. No child or adult wants to submerge themselves in chilly waters for a lesson, no matter how motivated they are to learn. Asking about heated pools means that your little ones will feel comfortable and relaxed during their time in the water.

aurora swimming lessons

Do You Give Updates On Your Students’ Progress?

It’s important to know how your children are progressing throughout their Aurora swimming lessons. As a parent, you should be granted easy access to instructors to see how your child is doing, if there are some areas that need to be worked on in between lessons, and if he or she needs to be placed in a different class level.


Asking these preliminary questions can be a great way to get some of the information you need to choose the right Aurora swimming lessons for your children. Once you have gotten the answers you need, it is time to schedule an appointment to see the facility and ultimately make your final decision.


If you’re looking for swimming lessons in Aurora, DuPage Swimming Center can help. Visit our website or contact us today.

What’s Next Once Your Child Completes Swimming Lessons In Aurora

Swimming lessons AuroraAt DuPage Swimming Center, we offer swimming lessons in Aurora to children of every age and with every ability level. Our skilled and experienced team of instructors have one primary goal: to ensure that all of their young students learn the skills needed to navigate through any water situation safely and confidently. When signing your child up for swimming lessons in Aurora at our facility you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your young swimmer will learn to master all of the necessary skills needed to become a successful swimmer.


Next Steps: Is Your Child Ready To Move On From Swimming Lessons In Aurora


Here at DuPage, we not only partner with parents throughout their child’s swimming lessons in Aurora, we also often continue to team with them once their child has successfully graduated from all of our beginner sessions. Once they’ve watched their children master what’s needed to become a strong swimmer, they often find themselves wondering, “What’s next?” Many of our parents come to us wondering if their little one may be ready to take their sharpened swim skills and begin swimming competitively.


How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Compete


The DuPage Swimming staff knows firsthand the many physical, social, and emotional benefits that can come with competitive swimming. However, we also know that it’s important to never assume that a child is ready to compete simply because he or she has successfully completed lessons at our facility. There is a wide range of factors that we suggest parents consider before they sign their child up for a competition.


Skill level marks the first major consideration for parents looking to have their child compete. Many competitions require a mastery of four basic strokes. If your child can successfully execute the breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle, they should have the skill foundation needed to compete.


Another major detail that warrants consideration is emotional readiness (this is the ‘big’ factor). Many swim competitions are divided into age group. However, just because a child meets the age requirement doesn’t mean he’s emotional prepared to enter a competition. It’s critical to make sure that your child is prepared to emotionally handle anything that comes with competing.


Perhaps the biggest factor to consider before signing your child up for a swim competition is whether or not your swimmers have a true desire to take their participation up to the next level. Competitions of any type require dedication from participants. Your young swimmer will have to commit to specific practice times as well as various training routines, all while figuring out which competitions make most sense for your child (different lengths, strokes, etc.). He or she will also have to commit to attending the meets whenever and wherever they are held. Knowing that your child actually wants to compete can help you enjoy a positive overall experience.


Want to hear more about the swimming lessons in Aurora offered at DuPage? Contact us today.

Five Surprising Benefits Of Aurora Swim Lessons

benefits of aurora swim lessonsHere at DuPage Swimming, we know firsthand the many benefits offered by our Aurora swim lessons. When choosing our state-of-the-art swimming facility for your young swimmer, our team of licensed and experienced instructors will help him or her develop critical water capabilities and safety knowledge. We proudly work with children of all ages and abilities to master the water skills necessary for optimal safety as well as help youngsters learn a healthy respect for any water situations they may encounter throughout their lives.


Our Aurora Swim Lessons Build Other Critical Skills That Extend Beyond The Pool


As a leading provider of quality Aurora swim lessons, parents know that our team of instructors can offer their children potentially lifesaving benefits whenever they are near the water. However, many of our parents are often surprised to learn that our Aurora swim lessons can also offer children of all ages an impressive range of skills and advantages that reach well beyond their time in our state-of-the-art facility.


Our Aurora swim lessons offer students:


Time to bond with parents: Finding activities to do with younger children can prove a challenge for parents. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, we offer instructional sessions for children as young as six months with a parent participant. Our pools provide a calm, relaxing environment for you and your little one to bond and spend quality time together.


Love of movement: Today’s children are surrounded by electronics and other distractions that lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, making it tough for parents to successfully find ways to get (and keep) their little ones moving. At DuPage Swimming Center, our indoor pools are open all year long; this means that no matter what the weather is like outside, your child will be able to burn some energy. Making our Aurora swim lessons part of your child’s routine can help them build strength, develop flexibility and even embrace a lifelong love of fitness.


Enhanced sleeping routines: Moving and burning energy in our pools can offer a key bonus benefit as well: better sleeping habits. Many of our parents notice that their little ones rest better and have better sleeping habits after spending time being active in our pools.


Life skills: At DuPage Swimming Center, we work closely with our students to ensure that we are teaching to their specific ability level. Your child will feel appropriately challenged during her time with us. Learning how to meet these pool challenges through hard work and determination is an important life skill that she can carry with her throughout her lifetime. Additionally, as she learns to master various water techniques, she will also build her confidence.


Social capabilities: Our group sessions offer children of every age the opportunity to be social with their peers. During your little one’s Aurora swim lessons, she will develop and build a wide range of social capabilities, such as how to engage with others, take turns, and even congratulate other children as they succeed.


If you’re looking for Aurora swim lessons for your little ones, DuPage Swimming Center can help. Contact us today for more information.

DuPage Swimming Center Offers Aurora Swimming Lessons For Adults That Will Make You Love The Water

naperville swim clubDuPage Swimming Center has earned its reputation as a leading provider of Aurora swimming lessons. Throughout the region, we are known for providing top quality Aurora swimming lessons to students of a wide of ages and ability levels. Our seasoned instructors have established themselves as skilled and experienced innovators capable of helping all of our students take their water capabilities to the next level.


Aurora Swimming Lessons For Adults Help You Feel Safe Around Water


While it’s no secret that DuPage Swimming Center is a leading resource of Aurora swimming lessons for children, many of our clients are initially surprised to learn that we also offer instruction for adults as well. Throughout our time servicing the Aurora region, we’ve often partnered with adults who don’t feel as confident as they want to when encountering a water situation. For many of these prospective students, they initially assume that it may be too late for them to strengthen their current swimming skills. This is simply not the case; when working with our team of veteran instructors, we quickly prove to swimmers of every age and of every ability that’s it’s truly never too late to learn to love the water.


The DuPage Difference: How Our Adult Swimming Lessons Stand Out From The Crowd


At DuPage Swimming Center, we understand that adult swimmers have a unique set of needs and preferences. We recognize that, oftentimes, adults may have a tougher time relaxing and feeling comfortable around the water. We would never simply mirror our children’s session for our mature swimmers. Instead, we customize our Aurora swimming lessons for adults to suit the distinctive requirements of these learners and ensure that every student feels calm and safe at all times.


Beyond providing a customized class structure that makes our students feel comfortable, DuPage Swimming Center also offers an extensive range of differentiators that make our Aurora swimming lessons for adults stand out from the other indoor facilities throughout the region. At DuPage, we proudly offer highly-skilled and certified instructors in all of our classes. All of our instructors hold CPR, AED, Lifeguard and First Aid certification. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, we go one step further with our teachers. We also require every instructor to undergo an onsite apprenticeship to guarantee that they are prepared to deliver the very best instruction possible for our adult students.


What’s another way we ensure that the needs of our adult students are met during their instructional sessions? We also offer three distinctive session options. When signing up for our Aurora swimming lessons, you’ll be able to choose from private, semi-private and class sessions. We proudly offer these three models to ensure that you’ll find the right fit for your learning needs and comfort level.


Best of all, at DuPage Swimming Center, we do our best to make our adult swim classes accessible for our students, regardless of age. There are no extra signup or registration fees when working with us; instead, you’ll only have to pay a flat rate based on a per session fee to ensure our sessions remain as affordable as possible.


Ready to let our team of qualified instructors help you gain confidence in and around the water? Visit our website and sign up for adult swimming lessons today!

DuPage Swimming Center: The Many Benefits Of Our Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Aurora

swim lessons naperville

Here at the DuPage Swimming Center, we often work with parents who have concerns about their child’s ability to stay safe in various water situations. At the DuPage Swimming Center, we are avid water safety advocates and understand that our parents have legitimate worries about their little ones. While water sports and swimming can be fun, we recognize that these activities can prove stressful for parents when their children don’t have the confidence and skills needed to stay safe at all times.


Our Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Aurora Are The Ideal Solution For Younger Children


Unfortunately, many parents assume that they have to wait until their child is older before beginning their water safety education; however, this simply isn’t the case. At the DuPage Swimming Center, we proudly offer parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora. Our parent/tot classes are an excellent option for children starting at just six months of age, all the way up until about 36 months.


We find that offering parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora delivers an extensive range of benefits for water safety and fun. You and your child will spend time in the pool together on a weekly basis with a trained and certified instructor. You will also have the benefit of learning about water safety in our state-of-the-art facility, which has been designed using the very latest pool innovations for an ideal instructional experience.


Beyond helping your little one build her/his water safety skills, our swimming lessons in Aurora can also help your child strengthen social skills, coordination, motor skills and confidence as he masters various techniques throughout his time with us. We pride ourselves on helping all parents work closely with their children to not only enjoy a stress-free time in the pool, but also ensure that every little swimmer is able to go at her own individual learning pace for optimal enjoyment.


Preparing For Success At Our Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Aurora


When preparing for our parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora, it’s important to consider a few important items for success. First and foremost, having the right gear can help make the entire experience a positive one. All too often, parents assume that their child’s current swimsuits will still fit, only to realize (too late) that they’ve outgrown them. We highly recommend checking to make sure your child’s bathing suits still fit before your first session (especially during the off months).


Additionally, younger children who aren’t potty trained will need some additional gear as well. Beyond his or her swimsuit, we require our littlest swimmers to also wear a swim diaper and tight-fitting rubber pants. Also, once swim time comes to an end, you’ll also want to have dry clothing to change into for both you and your little one.


Are you ready to have fun with your little one as she learns how to be safe in the water? Sign up for our parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora today!

4 Strokes You’ll Learn In Aurora Swimming Lessons

Swimming Class AuroraSmall children who are taking Aurora swimming lessons are focused on one thing — learning how to swim. However, if your children are progressing into more advanced classes or you’re taking lessons as an adult, you’ll want to focus more on the individual swimming strokes. Learn a little bit about the different strokes you’ll learn in more advanced Aurora swimming lessons.

Aurora Swimming Lessons: The Crawl

The most common type of swimming stroke is the crawl, and it’s typically the first movement swimmers learn in Aurora swimming lessons. The crawl uses a flutter kick with arm movements that scoop underneath the surface of the water to help propel swimmers through the water. If you’re planning on swimming competitively, the crawl is most commonly used in the freestyle event, although swimmers can choose any stroke in the freestyle.

Aurora Swimming Lessons: The Backstroke

The backstroke is one of the best swimming methods to learn. It’s an excellent stroke for triathletes to learn because it allows them to catch their breath without stopping. It’s also great for cyclists who may face overuse injuries in their IT bands or hip abductors. The movements in the backstroke can help balance this overuse to keep triathletes and cyclists healthy.

The backstroke is exactly what you might think — it’s swimming on your back, facing upwards. It’s also an excellent stroke for people who prefer to not put their entire face in the water. While flutterkicking just below the surface of the water, rotate your shoulders with your arms straight to propel yourself forward in the water.

Aurora Swimming Lessons: The Butterfly

The butterfly requires a lot of upper body strength, which can make it difficult to learn, especially for smaller children. For this reason, many Aurora swimming lessons don’t introduce it until a student is quite advanced. During the butterfly, swimmers lift their head, arms and shoulders entirely out of the water, along with a portion of the chest. The legs stay together in a dolphin kick and the entire stroke requires a great deal of coordination.

Aurora Swimming Lessons: The Breaststroke

The breaststroke is often thought to be the most difficult type of stroke taught in Aurora swimming lessons. This is because the breaststroke focuses much more on the legs rather than the upper half of the body and swimmers use a frog kick, rather than a dolphin kick. Additionally, because the recovery part of the stroke takes place below the water, it’s more important that swimmers understand how to create a streamlined surface with their fingers, hands and arms. It can take a long time to truly master the breaststroke, but once that’s done, swimmers can be sure that they’ve improved their skills immensely.

If you’re interested in learning more about these common strokes, contact us at https://www.dupageswimmingcenter.com/contact-us/ or by calling (630) 692-1500. The staff at the DuPage Swimming Center can help you with the correct placement for Aurora swimming lessons to ensure that you have a positive experience.