Private Swimming Lessons Are Useful In These 5 Circumstances

Private Swimming Lessons Are Useful In These 5 Circumstances

Professional private swimming lessonsMost kids benefit from swimming lessons taught in a group setting. They enjoy learning with their peers and making new friends along the way. This social aspect makes the time they spend in the water more fun. Children are also motivated to perform when they observe their peers enjoying success and receiving positive feedback. Friendly competition spurs them to work harder.

Having said that, not every student is suited for group lessons. Some benefit more from private lessons. The one-on-one time with the instructor proves invaluable to their progress, comfort, and overall enjoyment.

Below, we’ll describe five scenarios that warrant private, individual swim instruction. If your son or daughter meets any of the following criteria, he or she may be a good candidate for private lessons.

#1 -You Want Your Child To Progress Quickly

Children who learn to swim through private instruction learn faster. They receive focused attention from the instructor, who can modify the lessons to suit the student. Drills can be tailored according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, bad habits – for example, improper stroke mechanics – can be quickly identified and corrected before they can become ingrained.

One-on-one instruction poses fewer distractions than group instruction. As a result, your child will be better able to focus on the instructor’s direction.

#2 – Your Child Thrives With Personal Attention

Many children who are learning to swim flourish, because they’re the center of attention. They perform better when they know the instructor’s focus is on them.

In such cases, positive feedback is crucial. It prompts children to master the lessons in hopes of receiving more positive feedback.

Constructive feedback is also important. It has considerable impact since it is delivered to the lone student rather than to a group. It’s undiluted by the presence of others. Consequently, when delivered in a supportive, encouraging fashion, it tends to effect rapid change.

#3 – Scheduling Constraints Preclude Group Lessons

Professional group swimming lessons are held at specific times during the week. Depending on your circumstances, your child may be unable to attend the lessons at the scheduled times. He or she may participate in other activities – for example, piano lessons or Little League practice – that conflict with the group session schedule.

When you enroll your child into private swim lessons, you’ll enjoy more flexibility. You can pick days and times that won’t conflict with your schedule or other extracurricular activities your child is involved in.

#4 – Your Child Will Participate In Competitive Swimming

Private swim instruction is beneficial for kids who intend to swim competitively. They’re not there to merely learn the basics. They attend the lessons to perfect their form and maximize their efficiency in the water.

Often, video analysis of the swim lessons proves to be a pivotal aspect of the instruction. The student is given an opportunity to observe his or her form from multiple angles. Flaws impairing stroke and breathing efficiency can be easily identified and corrected.

Video analysis cannot be done as effectively in a group setting. Private lessons are an important part of the process.

#5 – Your Child Has Special Needs

A child with special needs can benefit greatly from private swim lessons. The instructor can give the child the attention he or she needs to thrive, helping him or her overcome personal obstacles. The focused attention increases the child’s confidence in the water, which, in turn, allows him or her to learn how to swim without fear.

Group lessons are less ideal for special needs students. The instructor’s attention is divided among multiple children, leaving less for the child who needs more of it.

It’s worth noting that being in the water is a great form of recreational therapy for children with special needs. This is particularly true for those struggling with challenges related to sensory overload.

While most kids enjoy learning how to swim in a group setting, private swim lessons are helpful in many circumstances. If you’re unsure which format is best for your child, speak with our experienced swim instructors. They can provide insight and advice to help you choose the best option.