Private Lesson Policies


  • To sign up for Private Lessons, you must fill out a Private Lesson Request Form. Private Lesson Request Forms may be: (i) returned to the Front Desk; (ii) faxed to (630) 692-1528; or (iii) emailed to swim@spmspools.com.
  • Our Private Lesson Coordinator will contact you to set up lessons as soon as possible. Please note that Private Lessons are in high demand. As such, please be patient while we match you up with an instructor.


  • You must purchase a package of lessons PRIOR to taking classes.
  • The front desk will notify you via phone and email to let you know when your package is expiring.
  • Once your package has expired, you cannot receive further lessons until payment is made for additional lessons.
  • If you take lessons after your package has been used, you will be responsible for payment of all additional lessons taken.
  • There is a $50 charge for all refund requests.  If you request a refund, any quantity discounts applied to lessons used will be removed and un-used lesson credits will be refunded at standard lesson rates.
  • All credit expires 1 year after purchase.


  • Cancellation policies vary by instructor.


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