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3 Reasons To Sign Your Kids Up For Swim Lessons In Naperville

Every parent of young children thinks to themselves, “I should really sign my son/daughter up for swim lessons.” Although so many parents have this thought, so few seem to turn it in to reality. Life gets busy and we tend to forget. Perhaps, we just decide that we will wait until they are older to sign them up for swim lessons. If you are a parent ofsign up swim lessons naperville young children, the ideal time to sign your children up for lessons is now. Below, we will share three reasons to sign your kids up for swim lessons in Naperville.


#1 – To Protect Them


Perhaps some parents do not sign their children up for swim lessons at a young age because they do not like the thought of putting them in potentially stressful situations in the water. What these parents may not be thinking about is the fact that teaching their kids how to swim at a young age could one day save their lives. To acclimate children to water and familiarize them with what to do, parents can become pro-active and sign their kids up for swim lessons. As more and more parents take advantage of swim lessons in Naperville, the better prepared our children will be for potentially hazardous situations.


#2 – To Educate Them


The second reason to sign your children up for swim lessons in Naperville is to educate them about swimming and water safety. Small children typically do not have a natural fear of water. For this reason, they may be tempted to enter a pool or body of water unattended if the opportunity arises. One of the benefits of swim lessons is that while they familiarize children with swimming, they also provide them with an understanding of water. Small children begin to grasp concepts like the fact that they can’t take breaths while under water and they need to keep their mouth closed under water. Additionally, children begin to understand that they should never enter a pool or body of water without an adult. Learning different swimming techniques will also be a fun challenge for young children.


#3 – To Inspire Them


In addition to protecting and educating them, signing your kids up for swim lessons in Naperville can also inspire them. Your children will learn that while they need to respect water safety, water is also something that can be enjoyed. In an age where many children are consumed with television, video games, and computers, it is important to encourage our children to get active. Swimming is a great way for them to be active and get exercise. Introducing them to the water at a young age will likely cultivate a love for water activities. Who knows? You might be raising a future Olympic swimmer! You just never know.


If you want to find out more about swim lessons in Naperville, contact DuPage Swimming Center to find out about the programs available for your kids.

Take The Plunge: Garnering Success At Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Naperville

parent tot swimming lessons napervilleHere at DuPage Swimming Center, we often consult with parents of young children who assume that their little one is still too little to participate in our swimming lessons in Naperville. They are often surprised to learn that this simply isn’t the case. At DuPage we proudly offer parent/tot swimming lessons in Naperville specifically for children ages 6 – 36 months. Our swimming lessons in Naperville can deliver an ideal way for parents and children to spend quality time together in a fun, active, and social setting.


DuPage Helps Parents Enjoy Success During Swimming Lessons In Naperville


Does the thought of successfully managing pool time with your child instantly feel overwhelming? It’s a common initial reaction for many parents. First and foremost, many parents worry about keeping their child safe in the water. At DuPage, our skilled, licensed and trained swim experts will work closely with you throughout your time in the pool to strengthen your confidence in the water with your child as well as teach you critical tactics needed to keep your child safe at all times.


Setting Up For Success During Your DuPage Pool Time


Of course safety alone isn’t the only thing that our parents worry about when signing up for our tot swimming lessons. Many of our moms and dads also feel concerned about their toddlers’ behavior in the pool. At DuPage, we understand that our littlest swimmers can be unpredictable at times. Some days they are excited and can’t wait to get in the water, while other times, parents struggle to get them anywhere near the pool.


While nothing is guaranteed all the time, there are a few specific tips that we encourage moms and dads to use on pool day to foster a positive experience during swimming lessons in Naperville. The most important consideration when swimming with little ones is to consider their physical comforts before coming to the pool. Coming to lessons well rested can make a major difference in the overall experience at our facility. Additionally, making sure your young swimmer isn’t hungry can also help keep them engaged with the instructor’s lesson.


Choosing the right swimwear can also play a key role in the experience you’ll have at our pools. Being able to move freely is important. That’s why we highly recommend that all of our parents select swimsuits for both themselves and their child that are comfortable and unrestricting. Additionally, swim diapers are also important for younger children who aren’t potty trained yet.


Most importantly, when participating in parent/tot swimming lessons in Naperville, it’s critical to follow your child’s lead throughout the process. When your little one finds something that she’s excited about in the water, we can help you encourage her to further her skills in a fun and safe setting. Likewise, if there are elements about the lesson that your child feels hesitant about, it’s important to show patience and understanding until she feels confident enough to try again. At DuPage, we can work with you in the water to truly go with the flow and enjoy a positive swim experience from start to finish.


Ready to take the plunge at DuPage Swimming Center? Contact us to see our schedule of swimming lessons in Naperville.

DuPage: How Our Indoor Naperville Pools Prove the Perfect Party Plan

naperville pool partyAre you searching for a fun and distinctive way to help your child celebrate his or her next birthday? If you’re like most parents, you probably already have a hard and fast list of “must-have” features that the chosen venue must have to ensure that your little one has the special day that they deserve. At DuPage Swimming Center, we completely understand how vital picking the perfect party venue can be in the overall success of the day. That’s why we proudly offer a wide range of party plan options at our indoor Naperville pools.


Why You Should Choose Our Indoor Naperville Pools For Your Child’s Next Party


At DuPage Swimming Center, we know that you have an extensive assortment of choices when it comes to finding the perfect party place for your little one. That’s why we go above and beyond for parents using our indoor Naperville pools to celebrate their children’s next milestone. No matter what the age and interest of your little guests of honor, we are confident that we will be able to put together the perfect party plan for your child that will make the day special, fun, and memorable.


What makes our indoor Naperville pools such a great choice for your next birthday celebration? It’s no secret that children of all ages love playing in the water. We offer two unique indoor Naperville pools so parents can select the best option based on the age and skill level of their party guests. Once you’ve selected which of our Naperville pools makes sense for your attendees, we coordinate your day so you’ll have one and a half hours of uninterrupted, exclusive use of your chosen pool. Having the water to themselves is a great way to start off your function on a fun vibe. Best of all, using our indoor Naperville pools means that you’ll never have to worry about planning a rain date; your festivities will proceed as planned, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us.


During your use of our Naperville pools, the team at DuPage will completely cater to you and your little guests. We provide various water toys and equipment so that every attendee can have a memorable experience. Our team can even help start and manage pool games during your session to further up the fun factor and help your attendees burn some party energy.


Most importantly, when using DuPage’s Naperville pools for your party, you can rest assured that your attendees are being carefully watched by our trained and skilled staff members. We offer certified lifeguards at every party who have also been trained in CPR and first aid. Your attendees’ safety is our top priority and we will carefully monitor every swimmer so you can enjoy peace of mind.


DuPage Offers More Than Just State-Of-The-Art Indoor Pools


Of course, no birthday party is complete without some of the traditional festivities that youngsters love. DuPage delivers here as well; we offer our party guests access to a private room after the swim session has concluded. Here you can enjoy food, cake, and presents as part of the comprehensive birthday party experience. Best of all, our team will manage cleanup for you once the festivities have ended, so you’ll feel like a guest at your child’s party yourself!


Let DuPage help you plan your child’s next birthday party. Contact us today for more information on our party package!

DuPage Swimming Center Offers Aurora Swimming Lessons For Adults That Will Make You Love The Water

naperville swim clubDuPage Swimming Center has earned its reputation as a leading provider of Aurora swimming lessons. Throughout the region, we are known for providing top quality Aurora swimming lessons to students of a wide of ages and ability levels. Our seasoned instructors have established themselves as skilled and experienced innovators capable of helping all of our students take their water capabilities to the next level.


Aurora Swimming Lessons For Adults Help You Feel Safe Around Water


While it’s no secret that DuPage Swimming Center is a leading resource of Aurora swimming lessons for children, many of our clients are initially surprised to learn that we also offer instruction for adults as well. Throughout our time servicing the Aurora region, we’ve often partnered with adults who don’t feel as confident as they want to when encountering a water situation. For many of these prospective students, they initially assume that it may be too late for them to strengthen their current swimming skills. This is simply not the case; when working with our team of veteran instructors, we quickly prove to swimmers of every age and of every ability that’s it’s truly never too late to learn to love the water.


The DuPage Difference: How Our Adult Swimming Lessons Stand Out From The Crowd


At DuPage Swimming Center, we understand that adult swimmers have a unique set of needs and preferences. We recognize that, oftentimes, adults may have a tougher time relaxing and feeling comfortable around the water. We would never simply mirror our children’s session for our mature swimmers. Instead, we customize our Aurora swimming lessons for adults to suit the distinctive requirements of these learners and ensure that every student feels calm and safe at all times.


Beyond providing a customized class structure that makes our students feel comfortable, DuPage Swimming Center also offers an extensive range of differentiators that make our Aurora swimming lessons for adults stand out from the other indoor facilities throughout the region. At DuPage, we proudly offer highly-skilled and certified instructors in all of our classes. All of our instructors hold CPR, AED, Lifeguard and First Aid certification. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, we go one step further with our teachers. We also require every instructor to undergo an onsite apprenticeship to guarantee that they are prepared to deliver the very best instruction possible for our adult students.


What’s another way we ensure that the needs of our adult students are met during their instructional sessions? We also offer three distinctive session options. When signing up for our Aurora swimming lessons, you’ll be able to choose from private, semi-private and class sessions. We proudly offer these three models to ensure that you’ll find the right fit for your learning needs and comfort level.


Best of all, at DuPage Swimming Center, we do our best to make our adult swim classes accessible for our students, regardless of age. There are no extra signup or registration fees when working with us; instead, you’ll only have to pay a flat rate based on a per session fee to ensure our sessions remain as affordable as possible.


Ready to let our team of qualified instructors help you gain confidence in and around the water? Visit our website and sign up for adult swimming lessons today!

DuPage Swimming Center: The Many Benefits Of Our Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Aurora

swim lessons naperville

Here at the DuPage Swimming Center, we often work with parents who have concerns about their child’s ability to stay safe in various water situations. At the DuPage Swimming Center, we are avid water safety advocates and understand that our parents have legitimate worries about their little ones. While water sports and swimming can be fun, we recognize that these activities can prove stressful for parents when their children don’t have the confidence and skills needed to stay safe at all times.


Our Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Aurora Are The Ideal Solution For Younger Children


Unfortunately, many parents assume that they have to wait until their child is older before beginning their water safety education; however, this simply isn’t the case. At the DuPage Swimming Center, we proudly offer parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora. Our parent/tot classes are an excellent option for children starting at just six months of age, all the way up until about 36 months.


We find that offering parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora delivers an extensive range of benefits for water safety and fun. You and your child will spend time in the pool together on a weekly basis with a trained and certified instructor. You will also have the benefit of learning about water safety in our state-of-the-art facility, which has been designed using the very latest pool innovations for an ideal instructional experience.


Beyond helping your little one build her/his water safety skills, our swimming lessons in Aurora can also help your child strengthen social skills, coordination, motor skills and confidence as he masters various techniques throughout his time with us. We pride ourselves on helping all parents work closely with their children to not only enjoy a stress-free time in the pool, but also ensure that every little swimmer is able to go at her own individual learning pace for optimal enjoyment.


Preparing For Success At Our Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons In Aurora


When preparing for our parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora, it’s important to consider a few important items for success. First and foremost, having the right gear can help make the entire experience a positive one. All too often, parents assume that their child’s current swimsuits will still fit, only to realize (too late) that they’ve outgrown them. We highly recommend checking to make sure your child’s bathing suits still fit before your first session (especially during the off months).


Additionally, younger children who aren’t potty trained will need some additional gear as well. Beyond his or her swimsuit, we require our littlest swimmers to also wear a swim diaper and tight-fitting rubber pants. Also, once swim time comes to an end, you’ll also want to have dry clothing to change into for both you and your little one.


Are you ready to have fun with your little one as she learns how to be safe in the water? Sign up for our parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora today!

Finding The Best Swim Club In Naperville

slide-dsc-lap-poolSearching for a leading swim club in Naperville? Here at DuPage Swimming Center we often talk with parents who are looking for the best facility in the area for their children. For some parents, the search for a qualified swim club in Naperville stems from wanting to help their little ones learn how to swim and understand more about the importance of water safety. For others, they are searching for a state-of-the-art facility to help them strengthen their competitive swimming skills. No matter what their primary motivation, every parent we speak with is looking for a safe water environment that is well-suited for their child’s specific needs.


How DuPage Swimming Center Stands Out From Other Swim Clubs In Naperville


If you’re currently in the process of sourcing the right swim club in Naperville for your child’s needs, DuPage Swimming Center can help. We proudly offer a wide range of service differentiators that help set us apart from other indoor swimming facilities in the region. When choosing DuPage Swimming Center, you and your children will enjoy an extensive collection of benefits including:


Modern pools and facility: We offer a modern indoor facility teeming with various pool options to ensure that every child’s needs are met. For new swimmers, we have a warm, shallow teaching pool that allows them to get comfortable in the water at their own pace. Additionally, we also offer a deep lap pool for our more experienced water lovers who want to strengthen their skills or even practice for their next competitive meet.


Wide range of instructional sessions: Additionally, we understand that every swimmer has his/her own distinctive instructional needs and requirements. That’s why we provide an extensive range of instructional classes throughout the year. No matter what your child’s skill level, abilities or goals, we can help find a class that proves a perfect fit.


Skilled and qualified instructors: Of course, a wide range of classes is only one feature our swim club in Naperville; you also deserve skilled and qualified swim instructors as well. Fortunately, DuPage Swimming Center delivers on this front as well. We proudly offer trained instructors to help your little one master whatever technique or level they are at for optimal results. Our entire curriculum is also created by a former Olympian to ensure that we offer students the very latest instructional approach and techniques.


Plenty of time for fun: Most importantly, here at Dupage Swimming Center, we aren’t always focused on the lessons and competition; we also offer extensive opportunities for open swim time. Our open swim sessions have one primary focus – to help you and your little ones have fun in the water! It’s a great way for you to get in the water together, all while allowing your child the chance to practice what she’s learned in class sessions.


With such a comprehensive range of services and capabilities, it’s easy to see why DuPage Swimming Center is a leading swim club in Naperville. Want to learn more about our extensive offerings? Contact us today.

Including Aurora Swim Lessons On Your Checklist For Summer Fun

aurora swimming lessonsHere at DuPage Swimming Center, we know firsthand how the summer season provides unique opportunities for families to spend time together, making it the perfect time of year to sit with the kids and create a summer must-do checklist. By allowing everyone to brainstorm fun ways to spend the warm summer months, you not only can make sure nothing exciting falls through the cracks, but you can also create a list of inventive events and activities that you may not think of otherwise.

Put Our Aurora Swim Lessons On Your School Break Bucket List

What’s the first item to put on any summer bucket list? Professional Aurora swim lessons at DuPage Swimming Center. It’s no secret that the warm summer months offer extensive ways to enjoy water activities. Swimming, boating, water sports — there are countless ways to enjoy pools, lakes and beaches this summer. However, with water fun comes responsibility; taking Aurora swim lessons at DuPage Swimming Center ensures that all of your water activities are not only exciting…but also as safe as possible.

As a leading resource for Aurora swim lessons, DuPage Swimming Center proudly offers highly-skilled and trained instructors at all of our pool classes. We cater to every age and every skill level. Whether you (or your children) are just getting into a pool for the first time, or you’re looking to sharpen your existing capabilities, DuPage can help you quickly improve your skills and remain confident and safe in any water situation. Best of all, DuPage offers an indoor pool facility. This means, no matter what type of summer weather we encounter, we can always provide a safe environment that fosters a truly positive and enjoyable experience for everyone in your family.

Other Fun Ways To Spend Your Time This Summer

Of course, Aurora swim lessons are just one fun way to spend time this summer. There are countless other exciting activities to include on your summer must-do checklist this year. Get outside with the family and get active in the sun; visit a local park to play ball, hopscotch, jump rope or even play tag and hide and seek together.

Once you’ve itemized ways to keep your body active, it’s time to get your mind moving. What’s a great way to ensure your little ones don’t lose everything they learned all year during those short summer months? Plan family reading sessions outside. Reading to themselves (and out loud to others) outside on a sunny day is a perfect way to keep their skills sharp. Additionally, buy everyone in the crew a special journal to commemorate your many summer activities. You’ll love reading about how much fun you had working through your summer bucket list together for years to come.

While summer days are fun, summer nights also offer their own unique range of exciting seasonal activities. Plan campfires and a s’mores-making contest, sleep in a backyard tent or even practice numbers by counting fireflies.

No matter what events you plan, you and your family will love checking every item off your checklist while building lifelong summer memories. If you’re ready to include DuPage’s Aurora swim lessons on your list of summer activities, visit our site to register now at: https://www.dupageswimmingcenter.com/.

DuPage Swimming Center: Key Ways To Teach Water Safety To Your Young Children

Swim lessons in napervilleHere at DuPage Swimming Center, we firmly believe that the Naperville pools in our indoor aquatic center can provide endless hours of fun, excitement and cardiovascular activity for children of all ages. However, we are also staunch advocates of remaining vigilant when it comes to water safety, especially for parents with little ones. Each year, young children who aren’t strong swimmers, or who haven’t learned to swim at all yet, can find themselves in some type of water accident.

Staying Safe At Naperville Pools And Other Swimming Areas

Fortunately, most water accidents are completely avoidable by simply implementing the critical safety tips needed to protect children whenever they are in a swimming environment. DuPage Swimming Center often works with parents at our Naperville pools to help them understand the best ways to safeguard their children around water. Our tips include:
Utilizing supervised swim areas: At DuPage Swimming Center, we strongly urge parents to only allow young children to swim in supervised Naperville pools. Swimming in a pool or other aquatic body that has a certified lifeguard on duty not only provides an extra layer of water protection, but it can also deliver peace of mind to parents. Whether you’re at indoor/outdoor Naperville pools in public places or residential areas, be sure to inquire if there will be a certified lifeguard in charge. If there isn’t a lifeguard, make it your top priority to determine who will be watching the children during their swim time.

Letting children know what’s expected: Setting boundaries with young children proves another critical safety tip. As parents, it’s important to have a firm grasp on your child’s individual swimming capabilities and skill levels. Using what you know about your little one’s abilities, set boundaries and limits on where she can swim, and where she’s restricted from venturing into, to help keep her safe.

Watching around tubs: All too often, parents think that just because a tub is small, it can’t pose a safety problem; however, this simply isn’t the case. Hot tubs and even bathtubs can pose a risk to smaller children. It’s imperative to keep a watchful eye on children near hot tubs (and ensure that there are covers and a fence for added protection) as well as bathtubs to avoid unsafe circumstances.

Limiting roughhousing: At DuPage Swimming Center, we understand that, sometimes, water accidents can happen outside of pools and other bodies of water. Slippery surfaces around a pool area can prove dangerous to children who are wrestling, pushing and roughhousing, and who may slip and fall into the water accidentally. By limiting horseplay, you’ll minimize the risk of someone getting into the water unexpectedly.

Signing up for swimming instructions: What’s one of the best ways to ensure your little ones are always as safe as possible near water? Getting them structured swim lessons with a trained instructor. At DuPage Swimming Center we offer a wide range of lesson formats for children of every age and ability. Working with us can help provide your children with a strong foundation of water safety and consciousness that can last a lifetime.

Want to hear more about lessons at our Naperville pools? Contact us today at: https://www.dupageswimmingcenter.com/contact-us/.

Summer Session Priority Registration Dates

Priority Level 1 Registration: Monday, April 28, 2014.

Priority Level 2 Registration: Monday, May 5, 2014.

Priority Level 3 Registration: Monday, May 12, 2014.

Priority Level 4 Registration: Thursday, May 15, 2014.

Open Registration: (for new customers) Monday, May 19, 2014.

Swim Lessons In Naperville Deliver Key Benefits That Last A Lifetime

Swimming Classes NapervilleHere at DuPage Swimming Center, we understand firsthand that learning to swim delivers an extensive range of invaluable life skills. That’s why we proudly offer a variety of swim lessons in Naperville for students of every age and ability. We firmly believe that our swim classes can provide critical abilities that will extend beyond the pool and last throughout your child’s lifetime.

DuPage Swimming Center: Swim Lessons In Naperville With A Difference

When choosing DuPage Swimming Center as your resource for swim lessons in Naperville, you’ll have access to our extensive pool instruction calendar as well as our team of highly-skilled and experienced instructors. Your child will learn to swim in a state-of-the-art facility surrounded by experts dedicated to ensuring that he or she enjoys a positive and engaging experience from start to finish.

Our facility and expert staff members aren’t the only advantages that choosing DuPage Swimming Center offers your child. Choosing us for swim lessons in Naperville offers an impressive range of benefits that just may surprise you. First and foremost, when working with our team, your child will gain invaluable tips on water safety. It’s not surprising that your child will be exposed to water situations throughout her life. Swimming, boating, water sports and snorkeling are just some of the many ways your child may find herself near water. Swim lessons in Naperville can help her build potentially lifesaving skills to ensure that she is always safe in any water situation.

Other Advantages Of Enrolling Your Child In Our Swimming Program

Of course, water safety isn’t the only key advantage that comes with enrolling in our program for swim lessons in Naperville. When participating in our water courses, your child will also gain enhanced confidence and self-esteem that extend far beyond our pools. With every class, your little one will be able to see and feel the improvement in his technique and ability. Understanding the importance of practice and patience can build an enthusiastic confidence for trying new things that will stay with him through adulthood.

Additionally, taking swim lessons in Naperville can play a key role in establishing a health and fitness foundation for your child. Swim lessons work every muscle in your child’s body…all without intense impact on her bones and joints. Not only will she get an opportunity to burn off a little energy in our pool, but she will also be starting a routine of getting active that offers long-term health benefits and results.

Group swim lessons in Naperville can also help improve a child’s social skills. At DuPage Swimming Center, we group our students based on factors such as age and ability. Our swim sessions provide many opportunities for your child to socialize and interact with other children beyond his usual peer group in a fun and active setting.

Finally, many of our parents notice that our swim lessons in Naperville help their children build their competitive skills. Each week, our students work hard to feel more confident in the water and master various skills and techniques. By developing and sharpening a competitive drive in the pool, our students gain an invaluable tool that will help them in situations throughout their lives.

Want to hear more about DuPage Swimming Center’s swim lessons in Naperville? Contact us today.