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9 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Sign Your Child Up For Lessons At Our Aurora Swim Club

9 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Sign Your Child Up For Lessons At Our Aurora Swim Club

As parents, we are always looking for ways to keep our little ones moving. What is one great resource for parents throughout the area? Signing their children up for lessons at DuPage Swimming Center. As a well-known Aurora swim club, we proudly offer our families an extensive range of benefits that make their time spent at our facility both active and memorable.

Our Aurora Swim Club Offers A Wide Range Of Benefits For Children

As part of the DuPage Aurora swim club, your children will reap an impressive range of benefits, including:

Year Round Activity

One of the biggest perks that children enjoy at DuPage Swimming Center is year round access to physical activity. Various sports and competitions often have a seasonal window. However, our indoor, state-of-the-art swimming facility offers heated water in our pools, so our students can swim no matter what the temperature outside reads.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Looking for a way to build your child’s cardiovascular health? Bring them down to our pools. Most of our students have so much fun during their lessons and open swim time, that they don’t even realize that they are getting a great workout.


Speaking of fun, that’s another great reason to check out our Aurora swim club. Your child will have a blast learning and socializing with her peers.

Low Impact Activity

Many physically strenuous activities can take a toll on young bodies. Swimming is a low impact activity that offers a lower chance of injury.

Potential For Competition

Do you have a little one that wants to swim competitively? Our facility can offer the perfect forum for training and practice. What is one bonus benefit? Depending on your child’s preferences, he can compete with a team or even as an individual to ensure that he enjoys the entire process.

Tones And Builds Muscle

It’s no secret that childhood obesity has reach epidemic proportions in our country. Swimming can help your little ones maintain a healthy weight as well as build and tone muscle for a lifelong foundation in fitness.

Mentally Relaxing

Make no mistake, swimmers don’t just enjoy physical benefits; there are many mental benefits that come with this activity as well. Taking time out of their busy days for a relaxing swim can help them unwind and refocus.

Great For All Levels/Abilities

Best of all, our Aurora swim club offers lessons that suit little swimmers of all ages and abilities. No matter what level swimmer you currently have, our trained and experienced instructors will teach to that level so you child has a wonderful experience, from start to finish.

Stay Safe Know How

Most importantly, little swimmers at our facility will learn key details about water safety. Accidental drowning is a major concern for parents with children of all ages. Our team of instructors will help give your child the information they need to stay safe and confident around any water situation.

Do you want to hear more about what DuPage Swimming Center can offer to your little swimmer? Contact our team today!

Potential Health Benefits Offered At Aurora Pools

Potential Health Benefits Offered At Aurora Pools

Worried that it may get harder to stay active now that fall is swiftly approaching? Many residents throughout the Aurora area feel the same way; during the summer, getting moving often proves as easy as getting outside. However, as the temperatures start to lower, we all find ourselves a little more reluctant to get outside for a cardiovascular workout.

Fortunately, those in the Aurora area don’t have to simply accept that the colder months mean less physical activity. Here at DuPage Swimming Center, our guests know that our Aurora pools offer the perfect solution for their fall/winter inactivity dilemma.

Swimming In Our Aurora Pools Helps Keep You Active Year Round

Why should you consider using our Aurora pools to stay active all year round? Swimming has proven itself an effective cardiovascular activity that yields a comprehensive range of physical benefits, including:

Low Impact Training: Higher impact activities can eventually take its toll on any body. Swimming is a low impact movement that minimizes overall stress on your muscles and joints.

Resistance Training: Moving against the water in our Aurora pools can prove a great resistance training session.

Builds Strength: Despite being a low impact activity, swimming can tone muscles and build strength when performed consistently.

All Over Workout: Unlike activities that only target one or two muscle groups, a brisk swim session can work out all of your muscles.benefits of swim lessons for older children

Maintain Healthy Weight: As with any cardiovascular workout, swimming at our Aurora pools can help you maintain your personal healthy wealth.

Increase Holistic Health: Working out at DuPage’s Aurora pools can also help you increase your overall, holistic health levels. Enhanced endurance, healthier heart, and even healthier lungs are just some of the many potential benefits you can enjoy during a pool workout.

Other Benefits Offered In Our Aurora Pools

Of course, enhanced physical fitness levels aren’t the only benefits offered when taking a swim. Our guests know that coming to our facility is fun! It’s a great way to come and just enjoy a little downtime, either alone, or as a family.

Additionally, going for a swim makes for a relaxing, peaceful activity. No need to time your pace or count calories burned if you don’t want to. You can go at your own pace and enjoy a calming environment to alleviate stress and tension from the everyday bustle and routine.

Best of all, using the Aurora pools at DuPage Swimming Center means that you will enjoy your water time in our state-of-the-art facility. No matter what the outdoor temperature, you will have access to our Aurora pools. Heated waters, open swim times, and modern lap lanes are just some of the many distinctions offered by our facility. We also offer a team of highly skilled and trained lifeguard/instruction professionals.

No matter what questions and concerns you may have, we can help you get the information you need for a positive swim experience from start to finish. Want to hear more about what DuPage Swimming Center has to offer? Contact our team today!

Swim Lessons Naperville: Swimming Lessons are Important for Older Kids

Swim Lessons Naperville: It’s not too Late for your Child to Start Swim Lessons Naperville

When it comes to swim lessons, Naperville parents are constantly hearing the stress of signing their kids up early on to get them swimming from a young age. They hear it is important to get their kids into the many swim lessons Naperville offers for development, safety, education, and fun. But what about the older kids? It seems like people forget to talk up the importance of swim lessons for children of any age, especially tweens.

Swim lessons are an essential skill for any individual- child, teen, or adult. We all know that drowning is America’s second leading cause of accidental death of kids under the age of 14. Enrolling children of any age in swim lessons leads to an 88% reduced risk of drowning. Yet, the Centers for Disease Control reports that an estimated 37% of American adults still cannot swim.

Fortunately, swimming is a skill that can be taught at any age- it is never too late! Older children and tweens can learn to swim quickly and easily when enrolled into the top quality swim lessons Naperville offers for this age group. Conversely, if your children already learned to swim when they were little, this doesn’t mean they can stop learning. Swimming needs continuous learning and practice. It is common that children who are confident in the water as young kids are not pushed to continue pursuing lessons into their tween and teen years simply because they already know how to swim. However, for reasons of safety and skill, lessons should continue. Here are our top reasons why you need to get and keep your child involved in the quality swim lessons Naperville pools have.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Reduce the Risk of Drowning

The Centers for Disease Control reports an average of 3,533 deaths from unintentional drownings (non-boating related) every year in the US. One in five of these deaths is a child under the age of 14. In the summer of 2012, 137 children died from drowning. Clearly, drowning is a real problem. While the most fatalities happen to younger children, older children are the ones who are more likely to be around water when swimming lessons napervilleparents are not present. Whether the neighbor’s pool, a day trip to the beach with friends, or other encounter with water, the reality is that the opportunities for children to be around water are numerous. Swimming is an essential skill, even if your child doesn’t plan to be doing laps at the local swim club. Relieve stress for both you and your child by making sure they enroll in Naperville swim classes and get the critical skills down.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Explore a Team and Individual Sport

Unique to swimming as a sport is the fact that it is both a team and individual sport, meaning that your child can gain the technique and receive the benefits of both these forms of sport. Kids get instruction and motivation from teachers when in their swim lessons, plus they get to learn and interact with other children in class with them. Then there is of course the advantage of joining the swim team, where they build teamwork skills and get to compete against other teams.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Build up Strength

If not for any other benefits, Naperville swim lessons offer a great workout! Swimming is a total body workout that works your core, legs, and arms. Enrolling your child in swim classes gives your kids the opportunity to exercise while having fun. You’ll be happy to have your son or daughter in one of our swim lessons in Naperville, because they can gain fundamental skills while staying active. Major physical benefits to swimming include: cardiovascular exercise, increased strength, more flexibility, and all-over muscles.

Swim Lessons Naperville: Help your Child do better in School

Did you know that swimming classes can help your child do better in school? Swimming has been scientifically linked to better academic performance. Studies have found that kids who swim throughout their developmental years were quicker to achieve both physical and mental milestones. Scientifically speaking, the sensory learning and particular type of instruction that kids receive during swim classes translates seamlessly into the type of learning that goes on in the classroom.

Swim Lessons Naperville: An Investment That Will Always Pay off and be Useful at Any Age

Possibly the best part of the swimming lessons Naperville offers is that it is something kids can do at any age, even into adulthood! Whether young or old, swimming is a sport that everyone can take part in and Swim-lessons-older-kidsenjoy. It is truly an activity that can last a lifetime. Expose your child as early as possible and help them gain a skill that will always come in handy, and that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives!

The Best Gift you can give your Child

No matter what your child’s age, sign them up for the best swim lessons Naperville provides to get them in better physical, mental, and emotional shape! Contact DuPage Swim Center today and sign your child up for an investment that will pay off for the rest of their lives.

What To Ask When Looking For Aurora Swimming Lessons

Are you looking for Aurora swimming lessons for your little ones this summer? Now is a great time to get them involved in organized swim instruction. Working with a professional pool facility can help your children gain confidence around water, increase their skill level, and have fun with their peers. Most importantly, getting qualified lessons for your child can give you peace of mind that he or she will be safe in any water situation that they encounter.


Key Questions To Ask When Screening Potential Swim Instructors


While Aurora swimming lessons can offer a multitude of benefits for children of all ages, as well as adults, where you sign up for instruction matters. Screening prospective instructors and facilities can play a major role in the overall success you enjoy throughout your experience. Knowing what to ask when you screen a facility can help you pinpoint the best pool for you and your little ones.


When Calling About Aurora Swimming Lessons, Consider Asking:


How Long Has Your Facility Been In Operation?

An established facility can offer a wide range of benefits over pools that have just opened. Look for a pool that has a lengthy, successful history in teaching swim lessons.


What Are The Qualifications Of Your Instructors?

Knowing the experience, training, and skill level of the instructors working with your children can ease your mind about their safety when spending time in the water. A qualified instructor will have CPR, AED, First Aid and Lifeguard certification to ensure the safety of each student at all times.


What Type Of Swim Programs Do You Offer?

Every student has his/her own unique learning needs and specific environment(s) where he/she will be most successful. A swim facility that only offers limited classes may feel like a forced fit during your child’s time in the pool. When screening facilities, ask if they offer options for group and private lessons to find the right learning environment for your child.


Are Your Pools Heated?

Yes, the temperature of the pool matters during lessons. No child or adult wants to submerge themselves in chilly waters for a lesson, no matter how motivated they are to learn. Asking about heated pools means that your little ones will feel comfortable and relaxed during their time in the water.

aurora swimming lessons

Do You Give Updates On Your Students’ Progress?

It’s important to know how your children are progressing throughout their Aurora swimming lessons. As a parent, you should be granted easy access to instructors to see how your child is doing, if there are some areas that need to be worked on in between lessons, and if he or she needs to be placed in a different class level.


Asking these preliminary questions can be a great way to get some of the information you need to choose the right Aurora swimming lessons for your children. Once you have gotten the answers you need, it is time to schedule an appointment to see the facility and ultimately make your final decision.


If you’re looking for swimming lessons in Aurora, DuPage Swimming Center can help. Visit our website or contact us today.

3 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Naperville Swim Club

naperville swim club lessonsAt DuPage Swimming Center, we understand that you lead a busy life. You juggle a lot of moving pieces and are responsible for remembering a hundred details on a daily basis. But, this shouldn’t keep you from enrolling your child in a Naperville swim club.


All Of The Benefits Of A Swim Club Without The Stress


You want your kids to learn how to swim, but adding another activity to your busy lifestyle seems overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! We want to work with your busy lifestyle by providing you with an easy, convenient and fun way for your kids to take swim lessons. The following are three reasons to enroll your child in a Naperville swim club at DuPage Swimming Center.


DuPage Swimming Center Offers A Variety Of Ways To Meet Your Specific Needs

We offer private lessons for children ages 3 and up, which are more individually focused and can be scheduled at times that accommodate your calendar. We also offer group lessons for children ages 3 and up, which are more regularly scheduled. This kind of consistency and regularity can make your calendar easier to manage. If your child is younger than 3 years old, we also offer parent/tot classes in which parents participate and learn a variety of techniques to help their child stay safe and have fun in the water. We do offer group and private adult lessons as well, allowing both you and your child to enhance your swimming skills, without demanding too much of your time.


We Have A Flexible Cancellation Policy With No Registration Or Enrollment Fees

At DuPage Swimming Center, we have no registration or enrollment fees, and a flexible cancellation policy. The pricing of lessons depends on the number of classes you want and the number of children you have. But the great thing is, you don’t have to pay any fees or additional costs beyond what you are paying for the lessons. It is easy and free for you and your child to sign up! We also make it easy for you to cancel or reschedule your lesson, in case something else pops up in your schedule. You may cancel up to two hours prior to your lesson at no charge. If you cancel within the two hours leading up to your lesson, you will be charged a $5.00 cancellation fee.


Our Color-Coded Swim Level System Makes It Easy To Learn

Another reason to join is our color-coded swim level system, created by an Australian Olympic swimmer. There are 10 levels in all, beginning with level one: Comfort and Submersion, and ending with level 10: Swim Team Prep. Children are evaluated before they begin to determine their level, allowing them to receive the training that will help them improve beyond their current level of skill. It also ensures children are grouped together based on skill level, encouraging them to challenge one another, without feeling pressured or discouraged.


If you are interested in learning more, and are serious about improving your or your child’s swim technique, don’t hesitate to contact the DuPage Swimming Center today!

How Competitive Swim Lessons In Naperville Offer Critical Life Skills

swim lessons NapervilleHas your child shown an interest in competitive swim lessons in Naperville? If so, you have probably considered some of the many benefits your little one will experience while in the pool. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, a leading provider of swim lessons in Naperville, we have seen firsthand that the advantages of competitive instruction are not just limited to the water. Many of our swimmers who participate in competitive swim lessons will build and hone a comprehensive range of important life skills that can be used long after their time at our facility.


Competitive Swim Lessons In Naperville: Six Key Characteristics Learned In The Pool


What will your child learn from competitive swim lessons in Naperville? Here are six of the the many life skills your swimmer will learn:


Effective Time Management: As kids get older, their schedules and responsibilities get bigger. Having to carefully balance schoolwork, extra curricular activities and sessions at the pool can help them sharpen their time management skills. This will foster effective time management skills that will last a lifetime.


Tolerance And Patience: Participating on a swim team means that your child will get to know a wide range of varying personalities. They will click with some teammates, and others may be more challenging to get along with. Competitive swim lessons in Naperville can give them early life lessons in tolerance and patience.


The Advantage Of Constructive Criticism: Working with a coach in a competitive capacity of any type means that you have to be willing to embrace criticism and constructive critiquing. Hearing constructive criticism is not always easy; however, knowing how to embrace constructive criticism and use it to improve your skills can truly be an asset in virtually every facet of life.


Working Towards A Goal: Competitive swim lessons teach young swimmers how to set goals and work towards achieving them. Knowing how to stay focused in order to reach specific objectives and milestones can be an invaluable life skill.


Importance Of Activity: As parents, we all worry about keeping our kids healthy and active. However, as adults, staying fit and healthy tends to become more of a struggle. Signing your child up for competitive swim lessons in Naperville teaches children how to embrace physical challenges. For many former students, living a fit and active lifestyle is something that they embrace throughout their lives.


Importance Of Good Sportsmanship: A final key life lesson that comes with participating on a swimming team is learning how to win and lose with grace. Doing anything competitively means having to face wins, as well as losses with respect and sportsmanship. The same holds true outside of the pool. No matter where your child goes in life, he or she will experience some victories, as well as defeats. Understanding how to manage the outcome of any situation, good or bad, can make all the difference in their lives, long after they’ve stopped competing.


Want to hear more about DuPage’s state-of-the-art swim facility? Contact us today!

What’s Next Once Your Child Completes Swimming Lessons In Aurora

Swimming lessons AuroraAt DuPage Swimming Center, we offer swimming lessons in Aurora to children of every age and with every ability level. Our skilled and experienced team of instructors have one primary goal: to ensure that all of their young students learn the skills needed to navigate through any water situation safely and confidently. When signing your child up for swimming lessons in Aurora at our facility you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your young swimmer will learn to master all of the necessary skills needed to become a successful swimmer.


Next Steps: Is Your Child Ready To Move On From Swimming Lessons In Aurora


Here at DuPage, we not only partner with parents throughout their child’s swimming lessons in Aurora, we also often continue to team with them once their child has successfully graduated from all of our beginner sessions. Once they’ve watched their children master what’s needed to become a strong swimmer, they often find themselves wondering, “What’s next?” Many of our parents come to us wondering if their little one may be ready to take their sharpened swim skills and begin swimming competitively.


How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Compete


The DuPage Swimming staff knows firsthand the many physical, social, and emotional benefits that can come with competitive swimming. However, we also know that it’s important to never assume that a child is ready to compete simply because he or she has successfully completed lessons at our facility. There is a wide range of factors that we suggest parents consider before they sign their child up for a competition.


Skill level marks the first major consideration for parents looking to have their child compete. Many competitions require a mastery of four basic strokes. If your child can successfully execute the breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle, they should have the skill foundation needed to compete.


Another major detail that warrants consideration is emotional readiness (this is the ‘big’ factor). Many swim competitions are divided into age group. However, just because a child meets the age requirement doesn’t mean he’s emotional prepared to enter a competition. It’s critical to make sure that your child is prepared to emotionally handle anything that comes with competing.


Perhaps the biggest factor to consider before signing your child up for a swim competition is whether or not your swimmers have a true desire to take their participation up to the next level. Competitions of any type require dedication from participants. Your young swimmer will have to commit to specific practice times as well as various training routines, all while figuring out which competitions make most sense for your child (different lengths, strokes, etc.). He or she will also have to commit to attending the meets whenever and wherever they are held. Knowing that your child actually wants to compete can help you enjoy a positive overall experience.


Want to hear more about the swimming lessons in Aurora offered at DuPage? Contact us today.

Summer 2015 Registration Dates

Upcoming 2015 Summer Group Lesson Registration Dates are as follows:

Priority Level 1: May 4 – 10

Priority Level 2: May 11 – 17

Priority Level 3: May 18 – 20

Priority Level 4: May 21 -24

Open Registration: May 26 on

Why Private Lessons At Naperville Pools Make Sense For Kids And Adults

At DuPage Swimming Center, we put one priority above all else; water safety. At our Naperville pools, we teach our patrons how to confidently stay safe, no matter what. From leisurely pool days, to active watersports, we can help children and adults of every age and all ability levels get and stay safe near the water.

swim lessons naperville


Private Lessons For Kids: The Advantages Found At Our Naperville Pools


Of course, deciding to learn to swim at our indoor facility is only the first step. All of our patrons also need to decide whether private or group lessons make sense for their specific needs. If you’re looking for swimming instructions for your child, group lessons can offer youngsters an impressive range of benefits, but they’re not for everyone. Private lessons at our Naperville pools may be exactly what your child needs.


Is your little one afraid of swimming or getting in the water? A group session may not provide a calm enough environment for his or her needs. However, one-on-one attention from one of our trained and skilled instructors can give your child the attention required to learn at a pace that keeps him or her comfortable.


At DuPage, we know that each child has his or her own individualized learning needs. Some children work best when surrounded by other young swimmers. They enjoy the social aspect of a group lesson as well as the ability to engage in friendly competition. Other children thrive in a quieter environment with fewer distractions. If your little one learns better with more concentrated attention and fewer distractions, then private lessons may be a better fit for him or her.


Many of our parents are surprised to learn that our private swim sessions aren’t just for new swimmers. Accomplished young swimmers often take private lessons, as well. Sometimes all it takes is a little one-on-one instruction to help our students master a particular skill that they have been struggling with. Additionally, the individual attention of private sessions can also help competitive swimmers enhance their skills.


Private Lessons In Our Naperville Pools Prove Perfect Option For Adult Swimmers


Using our Naperville pools for private lessons isn’t just for children; we also offer personalized sessions for adult swimmers as well. Oftentimes, adult learners can feel apprehensive near the water at first. Taking a class with one of our trained instructors can help put their mind at ease. It’s often their first step to becoming a confident swimmer.


Also, much like our sessions for children, private lessons at our Naperville pools can be a great option for more experienced and accomplished swimmers. We often train adults who are preparing for triathlons and other competitive events. Our instructors can customize your training sessions to help you improve your form and speed, so you are in tip-top shape before the meet.


Still have questions about taking private lessons at our state-of-the-art facility? Contact DuPage Swimming Center today!

Five Surprising Benefits Of Aurora Swim Lessons

benefits of aurora swim lessonsHere at DuPage Swimming, we know firsthand the many benefits offered by our Aurora swim lessons. When choosing our state-of-the-art swimming facility for your young swimmer, our team of licensed and experienced instructors will help him or her develop critical water capabilities and safety knowledge. We proudly work with children of all ages and abilities to master the water skills necessary for optimal safety as well as help youngsters learn a healthy respect for any water situations they may encounter throughout their lives.


Our Aurora Swim Lessons Build Other Critical Skills That Extend Beyond The Pool


As a leading provider of quality Aurora swim lessons, parents know that our team of instructors can offer their children potentially lifesaving benefits whenever they are near the water. However, many of our parents are often surprised to learn that our Aurora swim lessons can also offer children of all ages an impressive range of skills and advantages that reach well beyond their time in our state-of-the-art facility.


Our Aurora swim lessons offer students:


Time to bond with parents: Finding activities to do with younger children can prove a challenge for parents. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, we offer instructional sessions for children as young as six months with a parent participant. Our pools provide a calm, relaxing environment for you and your little one to bond and spend quality time together.


Love of movement: Today’s children are surrounded by electronics and other distractions that lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, making it tough for parents to successfully find ways to get (and keep) their little ones moving. At DuPage Swimming Center, our indoor pools are open all year long; this means that no matter what the weather is like outside, your child will be able to burn some energy. Making our Aurora swim lessons part of your child’s routine can help them build strength, develop flexibility and even embrace a lifelong love of fitness.


Enhanced sleeping routines: Moving and burning energy in our pools can offer a key bonus benefit as well: better sleeping habits. Many of our parents notice that their little ones rest better and have better sleeping habits after spending time being active in our pools.


Life skills: At DuPage Swimming Center, we work closely with our students to ensure that we are teaching to their specific ability level. Your child will feel appropriately challenged during her time with us. Learning how to meet these pool challenges through hard work and determination is an important life skill that she can carry with her throughout her lifetime. Additionally, as she learns to master various water techniques, she will also build her confidence.


Social capabilities: Our group sessions offer children of every age the opportunity to be social with their peers. During your little one’s Aurora swim lessons, she will develop and build a wide range of social capabilities, such as how to engage with others, take turns, and even congratulate other children as they succeed.


If you’re looking for Aurora swim lessons for your little ones, DuPage Swimming Center can help. Contact us today for more information.