How Aurora Indoor Pools Can Help Improve Your Fitness Levels

Swimming in AuroraGetting fit is a common New Year’s resolution! It seems as if every year more and more people make the pledge that this is the year they’re going to lose weight and get fit. If you’re looking for a unique way to lose some weight, increase your fitness level and have fun at the same time, consider joining Aurora indoor pools. Here’s why Aurora indoor pools are the perfect place to get fit.

Swimming At Aurora Indoor Pools Is Easy On Your Joints

When you’re just starting an exercise routine, it can be easy to push yourself too hard, which can lead to injuries to your muscles or your joints. Swimming at Aurora indoor pools, on the other hand, is easy on your joints, which means you’ll be able to swim without worrying about injury. Swimming is better for people with joint problems because the water reduces the weight that your body has to bear. Up to 90% of your body’s weight is supported by the water, which means that the pressure on your joints is greatly reduced. Swimming is especially good for people who are obese since the water allows them to exercise without joint pain.

Swimming At Aurora Indoor Pools Is Great For Your Muscles

Unlike other types of aerobic exercise, swimming at Aurora indoor pools uses all muscle groups at once. Activities like running or biking will only use the lower half of your body and don’t focus on your core at all. Swimming, on the other hand, uses both the arms and the legs and because the water provides natural resistance, it’s possible to build muscle in the pectorals, quadriceps and triceps while getting aerobic exercise.

Swimming At Aurora Indoor Pools Burns A Ton Of Calories

Many people think that because swimming at Aurora pools is easy on your joints, they can’t lose weight just by swimming. However swimming burns a ton of calories! If you’re looking for a way to determine exactly how many calories you’re burning during your workout at Aurora indoor pools, purchase a heart rate monitor with a strap. However, some of these are not meant to be submerged so do your research before you purchase one to make sure that you won’t damage it during your swim.

Aurora Indoor Pools Allow You To Exercise No Matter What’s Going On With The Weather

Now that you know why swimming is such a great workout, learn why you should swim in Aurora indoor pools. Aurora indoor pools allow exercisers to work out nearly every day of the week, no matter what’s going on with the weather outside. Look for one with a full locker room so you can fully dry your hair before stepping outside so you don’t catch a chill after your swim and convenient open swim times so you can exercise whenever you want.

If you’re looking for Aurora indoor pools to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution, consider the DuPage Swimming Center. To learn more about the center or to sign up for a membership, please call 630-692-1500.