Five Surprising Benefits Of Aurora Swim Lessons

benefits of aurora swim lessonsHere at DuPage Swimming, we know firsthand the many benefits offered by our Aurora swim lessons. When choosing our state-of-the-art swimming facility for your young swimmer, our team of licensed and experienced instructors will help him or her develop critical water capabilities and safety knowledge. We proudly work with children of all ages and abilities to master the water skills necessary for optimal safety as well as help youngsters learn a healthy respect for any water situations they may encounter throughout their lives.


Our Aurora Swim Lessons Build Other Critical Skills That Extend Beyond The Pool


As a leading provider of quality Aurora swim lessons, parents know that our team of instructors can offer their children potentially lifesaving benefits whenever they are near the water. However, many of our parents are often surprised to learn that our Aurora swim lessons can also offer children of all ages an impressive range of skills and advantages that reach well beyond their time in our state-of-the-art facility.


Our Aurora swim lessons offer students:


Time to bond with parents: Finding activities to do with younger children can prove a challenge for parents. However, at DuPage Swimming Center, we offer instructional sessions for children as young as six months with a parent participant. Our pools provide a calm, relaxing environment for you and your little one to bond and spend quality time together.


Love of movement: Today’s children are surrounded by electronics and other distractions that lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, making it tough for parents to successfully find ways to get (and keep) their little ones moving. At DuPage Swimming Center, our indoor pools are open all year long; this means that no matter what the weather is like outside, your child will be able to burn some energy. Making our Aurora swim lessons part of your child’s routine can help them build strength, develop flexibility and even embrace a lifelong love of fitness.


Enhanced sleeping routines: Moving and burning energy in our pools can offer a key bonus benefit as well: better sleeping habits. Many of our parents notice that their little ones rest better and have better sleeping habits after spending time being active in our pools.


Life skills: At DuPage Swimming Center, we work closely with our students to ensure that we are teaching to their specific ability level. Your child will feel appropriately challenged during her time with us. Learning how to meet these pool challenges through hard work and determination is an important life skill that she can carry with her throughout her lifetime. Additionally, as she learns to master various water techniques, she will also build her confidence.


Social capabilities: Our group sessions offer children of every age the opportunity to be social with their peers. During your little one’s Aurora swim lessons, she will develop and build a wide range of social capabilities, such as how to engage with others, take turns, and even congratulate other children as they succeed.


If you’re looking for Aurora swim lessons for your little ones, DuPage Swimming Center can help. Contact us today for more information.