Aurora Pools Swim Lessons: The Case For Continued Enrollment

Aurora Pools Swim Lessons: The Case For Continued Enrollment

Parents tend to think of their children’s swim lessons as a seasonal affair. They enroll them in the summer and pull them out in the fall. Or they might continue their enrollment until December, when they figure the cold winter air will expose their kids to chills. Rest assured, our Aurora pools are indoors and always heated to guarantee students’ comfort.

There’s immense value in keeping your child enrolled year-round. Weekly swim lessons covering breathing techniques, submersion, endurance and advanced strokes will ensure their water safety and give them a healthy boost of confidence. Below, we’ll present several reasons to consider year-round enrollment for your child.

Ongoing Swim Lessons Encourage Consistencyswimming in aurora indoor pools

Receiving formal swim instruction once a week, or better, twice a week, creates an expectation in your child. Each time he or she attends the lessons; the expectation to do so is reinforced.

That’s important if your child has ever expressed resistance at visiting our Aurora pools. Bringing him or her to our facility each week turns the experience into a habit. As a bonus, it also gives your child an opportunity to practice skills he or she learned the previous week.

New Skills Build Upon Already-Learned Skills

Becoming a proficient swimmer entails making incremental progress. A few lessons won’t do the job. Instead, weekly instruction will follow a carefully planned rubric that covers the following skills:

  • Floating on one’s back
  • Holding the wall
  • Submerging and holding one’s breath
  • Plunging and surfacing
  • Performing body rotations
  • Switching between different strokes
  • Advanced stroke mechanics

Each week builds upon the previous weeks’ lessons. As the year progresses, so too will your child’s abilities as a safe, competent swimmer.

The Instructor Forms A Connection With Your Child

Every student is unique. Some students need regular affirmation from the instructor while others are more independent. Some harbor certain phobias while others seem fearless. Some students progress at a faster pace than others.

When your child visits our Aurora pools on a weekly basis, our instructors have an opportunity to truly get to know him or her. They’ll become familiar with your child’s personality, temperament and fears, and can adjust their approach and instruction accordingly. Over time, your child will develop trust and fondness for the person teaching him or her how to swim. Those impressions will make the swim lessons more engaging.

An Ever-Ready Environment For Safe, Comfortable Swimming

There are a number of places your child can swim. For example, depending on where you live, you might have access to a local community pool. Or you may have friends with swimming pools in their backyards.

While these options may be convenient, they’re less than ideal. Consider your local community pool. It may be filled with people of all ages. Others may not use caution while swimming or horse playing around your child.

Your friends’ private swimming pools are also not ideal. With fewer strangers near them, they’re likely safer than they would be in a community pool. But a friend’s pool might also be cold and improperly chlorinated.

When you enroll your child in year-round swim lessons at our Aurora pools, he or she will always have a safe, supervised and comfortable place to enjoy being in the water.

Practice Makes Perfect

Repetition is important with any learned skill. Doing something over and over is a surefire path to proficiency. Swimming is no exception. Weekly lessons allow your child to practice the skills he or she has learned in the recent past. The continued practice will help your child to sharpen those skills, which, in turn, will streamline the learning of more advanced ones.

Our swim lessons are designed to be fun, instructive and highly engaging for young people. Give your child the opportunity to develop and master the instruction by keeping him or her enrolled year-round.

The DuPage Swimming Center offers state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained instructors and two pools – one for novice swimmers and one for those with experience. Contact us today to learn about our full lineup of fun and safe year-round swim programs for kids and adults.