Adult & Parent/Tot Lesson Policies


  • PAYMENT MUST BE INCLUDED AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. All past-due amounts must be PAID IN FULL before your Registration Form can be processed.
  • A Registration Form must be filled out for EACH SESSION – you will not automatically be signed up for the next session even if you have credit on your account.
  • EVERYONE must sign the waiver on the back of the Registration Form.
  • Registration Forms are processed on a first-come, first-served.

Cancellation/Make-up Lessons

  • Because our Adult and Parent/Tot programs are built on a cumulative curriculum, we do not provide for cancellation of these lessons. Please check the schedule to see if a make-up session is provided.
  • Make-up classes differ by session. See our current class schedules to see if make-up classes are offered for your session.


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