6 Benefits Of Taking Swim Lessons In Aurora Indoor Pools

6 Benefits Of Taking Swim Lessons In Aurora Indoor Pools

Knowing how to swim gives your children an opportunity to enjoy water-based activities that might otherwise cause you concern. For example, they can have fun at their friends’ pool parties; they can hit the waves at the beach, under your supervision, of course. They can even participate in competitive swimming events.

Help your kids learn how to swim and you’ll endow them with a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The first step is to enroll them in swimming lessons. In Aurora, indoor pools offer a safe, pleasant learning environment that accommodates both fun and focus. With the right curriculum and supervision, your son or daughter will not only learn how to swim, but have a fantastic time doing so. As a bonus, they’ll benefit in the following 6 ways.

Benefit #1: Physical Health

With obesity rates among young people climbing to unprecedented levels, it has never been more important to give children a safe, engaging way to exercise. Swimming is great for the cardiovascular system. It causes the heart to beat faster and encourages improved lung capacity. Some studies have shown it even lowers blood pressure and improves HDL cholesterol.

Benefit #2: Body Strength

In addition to improving cardiovascular health, swimming lessons require the use of muscles throughout the body. As your children learn to swim, they’ll use muscles in their arms, legs, back, neck and trunk.

Unlike running or jogging, swimming offers a full-body workout. Even better, it can be done in the safe, supervised environment offered by experienced instructors in Aurora indoor pools.

Benefit #3: Improved Concentration

swim lessons in aurora indoor poolsLearning to swim takes focus. It’s one thing to move the arms and legs in a way that propels the body forward. It’s another thing entirely to use strokes that maximize efficiency in the water.

Swimming lessons will teach your children proper swimming stroke development. The instructor will show them how to extend their reach, coordinate their kicks and breathe without hampering their forward movement.

The concentration your kids develop during the lessons can have a positive effect on other areas of their lives, including their academic performance.

Benefit #4: Lower Risk Of Drowning

The threat of drowning is real. Swim lessons will train your kids how to handle themselves in the water in a safe, controlled environment. They’ll learn how to hold their breath, move under the water’s surface and remain calm within the water. As a result, they’ll be far less likely to succumb to danger.

Benefit #5: Self-Confidence

Whenever children learn a new skill, they’re filled with a renewed sense of confidence. That self-confidence extends to every facet of their lives, from the manner in which they interact with peers to their comfort level in unfamiliar situations.

That’s the case with learning how to swim. Swimming lessons held in Aurora indoor pools will help your kids to develop an important skill. That skill will not only make them feel more self-assured around water, but also in new circumstances.

Benefit #6: Social Interaction

Group swimming lessons give your children an opportunity to interact with their peers in a fun, safe learning environment. That positive social experience will encourage them to make new friends and it will teach them how to get along with different personalities.

The result? They’ll learn the interpersonal skills necessary to establish rewarding relationships, both in their youth and during adulthood.

Bonus Benefit: Better Grades

Children who learn how to swim during their early years tend to perform better in school. In 2013, an Australian study surfaced providing data that supports that expectation.

Researchers at Griffith University polled parents of 7,000 children aged 5 years or younger. They found that kids who knew how to swim were several months ahead of their peers in terms of “cognitive skills, problem solving in mathematics, counting, language and following instructions.”

Swimming Offers A Lifetime Of Benefits To Your Child

Beyond enjoying pool parties, the beach and competitive swimming, knowing how to swim offers young people a host of important benefits. The skills they learn in the water will pay dividends over their lifetime.

If you’re thinking of enrolling your children into swim classes, contact the instructors at the DuPage Swimming Center. Our award-winning staff has decades of combined experience teaching young people how to swim in a safe, fun and engaging learning environment.