5 Steps To Choosing A Swim Instructor For Your Child

5 Steps To Choosing A Swim Instructor For Your Child

Aurora IL PoolsYour child is excited to learn how to swim. Now comes the tough task of finding a suitable instructor. It’s not as easy as it seems since swimming instructors have varying levels of experience in teaching kids. The rapport between your child and the person teaching him or her to swim will play a major role in determining whether your child enjoys the lessons.

The staff at our Aurora IL pools is comprised of dozens of instructors. Some teach private swim lessons while others teach group lessons and some teach both! Some specialize in working with young kids while others specialize in teaching adults.

It’s important to choose an instructor with whom your child feels comfortable, inspired, and engaged. Following are five steps to selecting someone who’ll help your child to learn to swim while having a great time along the way.

#1 – Find Out The Instructor’s Experience With Kids

Ideally, you want to choose someone who has a lot of experience teaching kids to swim. This individual will understand how to connect with kids, how to encourage them, and how to create a positive environment in which they can thrive.

An instructor who works primarily with adults may know everything there is to know about teaching people how to swim. But without experience teaching kids, he or she will be a less than ideal choice.

#2 – Ask Whether He Or She Teaches Beginners’ Classes

Almost by definition, children’s swimming lessons are for beginners. Some of the students will be entering the water for the first time without their parents.

That can be an intimidating experience, even at our Aurora IL pools, which are overseen by the area’s most competent swim instructors.

If an instructor spends most of his or her time teaching advanced classes, he or she may be ill suited to train beginners. Find out his or her experience to that end.

#3 – Learn About The Instructor’s Approach To Teaching

Every instructor has his or her own approach. That approach is often an extension of his or her personality.

When teaching kids to swim, it’s important for the instructor to be positive, encouraging, and enthusiastic. It’s also important that he or she praises students for the things they do correctly (positive reinforcement).

At the same time, the instructor should maintain well-defined rules that ensure students’ safety and help them to learn in a positive, fun environment.

#4 – Find Out About Safety Certifications

Safety certifications are like insurance policies. You hope to never have to depend on them. But if the unexpected occurs, they can be a godsend.

Swim instructors should be certified in CPR, First-Aid, and AED (automated external defibrillator). It’s also helpful if they’ve earned their lifeguard certification. All of the instructors at our Aurora IL pools possess these certifications.

#5 – Ask Whether You Can Watch The Lessons

Any good swim instructor will be receptive to the idea of you watching your child during his or her swim lessons. In fact, many will encourage it. The instructor may ask that you avoid standing or sitting near the pool as doing so may distract your child and the other students. But watching from afar is likely to be welcome.

Choosing a good swim instructor is just as important as choosing a safe, comfortable swim facility. It may even be more important. Use the tips above to find someone who will not only teach your child to swim, but help him or her have a fantastic experience in the process.

The state-of-the-art swim facility at DuPage Swimming Center has hosted thousands of young people who have learned to become competent swimmers. Our staff specializes in working with children and providing a safe, fun learning environment. Contact us today or visit our Aurora IL pools to see firsthand why parents and their kids choose DuPage.