5 Simple Tips For Preparing Your Child For Swimming Lessons

5 Simple Tips For Preparing Your Child For Swimming Lessons

Naperville Swimming LessonsIt’s normal for young children to be nervous about starting swimming lessons. In Naperville, home to a world-class swim facility, instructors are trained to help kids acclimate to the water. Most children quickly learn to enjoy the experience once they grow accustomed to being in the pool.

Having said that, there’s a lot that you, as a parent, can do to prepare your child. In fact, the steps you take prior to your child’s first lesson can go a long way toward building his or her confidence. Following are 5 things you can do that’ll help your son or daughter feel comfortable and safe in the water.

#1 – Describe What To Expect

Fear of the unknown is the most potent fear of all. When kids don’t know what to expect, their concerns, valid or not, expand to fill in the gaps. Short circuit this cognitive process by telling your child exactly what will happen during the swimming lessons.

Eliminate the unknown to quash his or her uncertainty.

#2 – Visit The Facility

Bring your child to the swim facility the day before his or her lessons begin. There, he or she can watch other kids receiving instruction and enjoying their Naperville swimming lessons.

Your child will note the friendly manner of the instructors and witness the fun activities that make up the lessons. This type of exposure may be just what your son or daughter needs to feel comfortable and confident.

#3 – Introduce Your Child To The Instructor

Allowing your child to watch the instructor’s manner from afar is helpful. Meeting him or her in person is even better. The instructor will have considerable experience in teaching kids how to swim, and know how to make them feel less nervous about it.

When the time comes for your child’s first lesson, he or she will be greeted by a friendly, familiar face.

#4 – Practice In The Bathtub

If your child is a toddler, why not start his or her lessons in the bathtub? Your child can practice submerging his or her head, blowing bubbles, and moving around underwater. If you’ve bought swim trunks or a swimsuit, have your son or daughter wear it in the bathtub. That way, he or she can get used to how it feels in the water.

It goes without saying that close supervision is needed.

#5 – Be Confident

Young kids are adept at taking nonverbal cues from their parents. If their parents seem angry or nervous, kids often become upset. If their parents are happy or excited, they tend to feel likewise.

When you bring your child to the swim facility for his or her first lesson, show confidence. You’ll find it’s contagious. Your child will feel more self-assured if he or she knows that you’re looking forward to the experience.

Bonus Tip: Tell Your Child You’ll Be Close By

Knowing that you’re watching can make all the difference in the world to your child. It can make him or her feel less nervous, more confident, and more relaxed. That, in turn, will encourage him or her to fully engage with the instructor and the other students, and participate in the fun activities related to the lessons.

Since 2003, thousands of children of all ages have learned how to swim at the world-class DuPage Swimming Center. Our experienced staff ensures a safe learning environment, and our wide range of swim programs have been instrumental in helping kids become proficient in the water. If you’d like your child to learn how to swim, contact us or visit our Naperville facility for a firsthand look at our state-of-the-art facility.