Adult Swimming Lessons: It’s Never Too Late To Learn

Adult Swimming Lessons: Why It’s Never Too Late To Learn To Love The Water

Are you an adult who would love to strengthen your current swimming skills, but feel like it may be too late? Do you find yourself avoiding water situations simply because you don’t feel like you’re a strong enough swimmer to stay safe? Adult swimming lessons at your local indoor pool facility could deliver the solution you’ve been searching for.

Adult swimming lessonsAdult Swimming Lessons Can Help You Gain Confidence In And Around Water

The key to success with adult swimming lessons is finding the right facility for your specific learning needs. Yes, you may be able to peruse indoor pools online and find free classes. However, these free sessions can come with inexperienced instructors who may not be prepared to manage a class of adults with various abilities and comfort levels in and around the water. Additionally, you may find yourself in an overcrowded session where you never get the attention and time you need to bring your water capabilities to the next level.

Rather than potentially spinning wheels in a class that won’t help you achieve the desired results, look for an indoor swim facility near you that offers specialized adult swimming lessons. Some important things to look for when finding the right pool include:

No registration/signup fees: A quality pool will not charge you signup or enrollment fees when you register for your adult swimming lessons. Look for a facility that, instead, charges a on a per session basis and will even prorate your costs if you sign up late.

Skilled and certified instructors: When sourcing adult swimming lessons in your region, inquire about the instructors’ skills and certifications. Reputable facilities will require important criteria such as CPR, First Aid, AED and lifeguard certification. However, truly innovative facilities dedicated to the safety of their students will also require onsite training as well to guarantee that every instructor has the hands-on experience needed to successfully conduct your class.

Beginner and intermediate sessions: A common mistake that many indoor swim facilities make is placing all adult swimmers in the same class, without determining their individual skill levels and/or how comfortable they are in the pool. A leading arena will offer both beginner and intermediate sessions so everyone can learn new skills at an appropriate pace.

Private and group options: Top-notch facilities offering adult swimming lessons will also recognize that not all adults will feel comfortable in a class setting while sharpening their water skills. These pools will offer both private and group sessions to ensure that every student has his or her specific needs catered to. Some pools will even offer semi-private classes with just two students so you can work with another swimmer at your skill level as well.

Once you’ve found the right pool for you, it’s important to stick with the program. While you may struggle with feeling comfortable around the water at first, your instructor can help give you the tools you’ll need to quickly begin to feel confident and strong in any type of water situation you encounter. Working with the right team will help reinforce that it’s truly never too late to learn to love the water.


DuPage Swimming Center offers Aurora swimming lessons for adults. Taught by experienced and certified instructors, DuPage can help you gain confidence around the water, no matter what your current skill level. Offering private and group lessons for beginners and intermediate swimmers, DuPage Swimming Center can help you find the right fit!

Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons: How To Prepare For Success

Parent/Tot Swimming Lessons: How To Prepare For Success (And Fun!)

Water safety is something that virtually every parent worries about at some point in their child’s development. It’s no secret that spending time around water of any kind can be fun…but it can also pose potential risk for little ones who don’t have the skills needed to stay safe. Fortunately for most parents, peace of mind can be found by signing their little ones up for swimming lessons at their local indoor pool facility. Swimming lessons, when overseen by a skilled and trained instructor, can quickly help children stay as safe as possible in any water activity.

swimming lessons auroraSwimming Lessons: How Young Is Too Young To Begin Taking Classes?

“How young is too young?” is a common concern for many parents looking to sign their child up for pool classes. However, many quality indoor pool centers eliminate parents’ fears by offering an ideal solution for first time swimming lessons: parent/tot sessions.

As the name implies, parent/tot sessions allows a guardian to get in the water with a child to help facilitate the learning process. A reputable facility will often offer parent/tot sessions for children as early as 6 months right through until about 3 years. By allowing parents into the water with their children, these classes can help children develop a lifelong love of various pool/shoreline activities as well the confidence needed to manage any water situation that they find themselves in.

Getting Ready To Have A Great Time With Your Little One

As with any type of instructional activity you engage in with your little one, it’s important to carefully plan and prepare for success. When getting ready for your swimming lessons, it’s important to:

Find a qualified facility: Where you take your lessons can play a key role in the type of experience you have with your little swimmer. Look for an established facility that offers certified and experienced instructors to know that you’re putting your child on the path to success.

Get the right gear: Having a comfortable bathing suit is a must during swimming lessons. If it’s a colder seasonal month, have your child try on his/her suit to determine whether it fits, or if you’ll have to purchase one before the session begins. Children who aren’t potty trained may need to wear swim diapers during their lesson. Additionally, you’ll also want to pack a bag of dry clothes for both of you so you’ll be able to change after your class is over.

Remember who the student is: Yes, you will be in the pool with your child throughout the session; however, it’s critical to remember that it’s the little ones who are being taught. As an adult, it may seem to you that the instructor is going over the same pointers too often; however, repetitive instruction can help reinforce important points to your little one.

Know that you are your children’s advocate: Sure, the teacher is an expert on all things pool related; however, you’re the expert on your child. If you feel like he or she is overly anxious about spending time in the water, or there are certain activities that you aren’t comfortable with, talk with the teacher about how to modify them so your child can work at her own pace.

Have FUN!: Finally, don’t forget that while this is a learning experience for your child, it’s also a time to have fun! Spending this time together poolside is a great way to have fun and make memories, all while building confidence in the water.


Are you looking for parent/tot swimming lessons in Aurora? The DuPage Swimming Center can help. We proudly offers parent/tot instructional sessions for children as young as 6 months all the way through to 3 years! Our skilled and experienced instructors can help your little one build a lifelong love of the water.

Ensure A Positive Experience When Choosing A Swim Club

Choosing A Swim Club? Know What To Look For To Ensure A Positive Pool Experience

For many parents, finding a qualified and reputable swim club for their children can prove a daunting experience. Whether looking for a swim club to give your little one her first lesson, or searching for a facility equipped to help your competitive swimmer go for gold, finding the best place to get your child more confident around the water is a serious consideration. You not only want to make sure you find a place well-suited for your child’s needs, but you also want to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is in a safe swimming environment.

swim club NapervilleHow To Determine If A Swim Club Has What It Takes For Your Family

If you’re currently searching for the best swim club for your family, it’s important to know that success is possible. Understanding a few key factors to look for during the screening process can help make the decision making process as straightforward and seamless as possible. When going through possible swim club options in your area, look for items such as:

State-of-the-art-facilities: This is especially important if your children are looking for a place to practice for a competitive swimming experience. However, a modern facility is also relevant for swimming lessons as well; look for a facility that touts a deep water lap pool as well as a warm and shallow teaching pool to ensure the complex is poised to meet all of your water needs.

Classes for all skill levels: When looking for a complex to help teach your little ones water safety, it’s critical to find one that truly caters to the needs of every individual swimmer. Children learn at their own pace; finding a facility that offers classes/instruction at all skill levels can ensure that your young learner finds a perfect instructional fit.

Qualified instructors: The qualifications of the instructors are critical when choosing a swim club for your family. Whenever possible, look for a facility that offers a curriculum put together and overseen by a professional swimmer; it’s the best way to know that your little one truly is getting an authentic education in water safety.

Flexible cancellation policy: Every parent knows that when planning things for our kids, everything falls into the “tentative” category. Getting sick, being double-booked, or unexpectedly not having childcare for siblings are just some of the many reasons why you may have struggle to get your child to the pool on time. Look for a complex that proves family-friendly by offering a flexible cancellation policy; it’s the only way to ensure you won’t end up paying for lessons that your child will never get to experience.

Open pool time: Of course, once your little one gets in the water, you may struggle with trying to get him out. Fortunately, beyond lessons and competitive practice time, a quality swim club will also offer open pool time as well. Open pool time is the perfect opportunity to reinforce everything that your child has learned at lessons. It’s even a great time to plan a family activity with other siblings that’s not only fun, but also gets everyone moving.


DuPage Swimming Center (, a state-of-the-art swim club in Naperville, offers a wide range of services. Deep water lap pools, warmed teaching pools, and open swim times are just some of the benefits that come with joining. For more information, visit: today!