Benefits of Swimming: Aurora Swimming Pools

Benefits of Swimming: Aurora Swimming Pools

sign up swim lessons napervilleSwimming is one of the most beneficial activities you can do. In fact, swimming has been referred to as the perfect exercise. Swimming is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and it is a low impact workout, meaning you get the benefits of an aerobic workout, without the damaging effects on your joints. It also helps keep you strong and fit, while being used as a method of recovery from injury.

Here at the Dupage Swimming Center, our Aurora swimming pools are safe and properly maintained. We also hold swimming sessions for individuals with all forms of swimming experience. For more information on our schedules and events Contact Us today.

Why Swim in our Aurora Swimming Pools

Swimming is the perfect low impact exercise and it does wonders for your body. To start, swimming improves your muscle strength and definition. Swimming works out your entire body, helping your body gain strength overall. You are using your entire body, rotating your arms, kicking your legs and in doing so you’re pulling yourself through the resistance of the water.

You may not know, but swimming helps keep you flexible. While you’re swimming, you are stretching, reaching, twisting and propelling yourself through the water. It’s not a substitute for stretching, but it does help keep you limber.

If you want a calorie burner, swimming is the exercise for you. Depending on your intensity, swimming can burn as many calories as running on the treadmill. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sweat getting in your eyes.

For those with a lot of stress in their lives, swimming may be a good way to reduce that stress. According to a study in Pain Research & Management, researchers found that being submerged in water dulls the amount of sensory information that overwhelms your body, bringing a sense of calm.

Reap the Benefits of our Aurora Swimming Pools

It’s never too late to start swimming and you can go at your own pace. There is no rush, no impact and it will help you melt away the stresses accumulated through the day. It’s an extremely efficient form of exercise that works out your entire body. So, what are you waiting for? Come to the Dupage Swimming Center today and take full advantage of our Aurora swimming pools.

Summer 2017 Registration has officially started!

Our Summer Session is June 5 – August 13, 2017.

Priority Level Registration Dates:

Priority Level 1: May 8

Priority Level 2: May 15

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Priority Level 4: May 25

Open: May 29

If you are unsure of your priority level, please contact the front desk.

Common Questions Asked About Joining Our Aurora IL Swim Club

Common Questions Asked About Joining Our Aurora IL Swim Club

Many parents who are thinking about enrolling their kids into swimming lessons at our Aurora IL swim club have questions. They want to know more about our programs, our staff, and our state-of-the-art swim facility. They’re interested in learning how our instructors address various issues, such as when a child cries during a lesson. Many parents also want to know how involved they’ll be in the process.

Below, you’ll find answers to common questions the staff at our Aurora IL swim club are asked by parents who want their children to learn how to swim.

Aurora IL Swim ClubHow Long Will It Take My Child To Become A Proficient Swimmer?

Children progress at their own pace, and numerous factors play important roles. For example, a student who was acclimated to the water as a toddler will feel more comfortable than one who’s experiencing it for the first time.

Also, a child who has had a bad experience in the water may require more time and encouragement to gain a reasonable level of comfort.

The regularity with which children attend lessons also has an impact. Weekly swim lessons are likely to lead to faster progress than instruction given over a random, haphazard schedule.

What Is The Earliest Age My Child Can Be Enrolled?

Our Aurora IL swim club offers a range of programs. Some are designed for adults. Others are designed for young people. Still others are tailored for parents and their toddlers. These latter programs are perfect for children as young as 6 months of age.

What Happens If My Child Cries During The Instruction?

Some children need a little extra time and encouragement to feel comfortable in the water. It’s completely natural for them to cry. This is especially true if their parents are in view.

At our Aurora IL swim facility, we’ve found that the most effective response involves three steps. First, parents are asked to leave the immediate vicinity so they’re out of sight. Second, our instructors, all of whom have experience teaching children how to swim, will help nervous and rattled students gain a level of comfort in the water. Third, we encourage parents to compliment their kids after the lesson for a job well done.

These three steps help students gain the confidence they need to focus on the instruction.

Should I Enroll My Child In Group Lessons Or Private Lessons?

We’ve found that most children thrive in group swim lessons. They’re able to watch other kids master the basics, and gain the confidence to do the same. They also enjoy a fun learning environment that combines exercises with games.

Having said that, some children perform best when they’re enrolled in private swim lessons. They have the full attention of the instructor and benefit from instruction tailored to meet the student’s needs.

If you’re not certain which type of lessons are best suited to your child, stop by our Aurora IL swim club and speak with one of our experienced instructors.

What Items Should I Bring For My Child’s Lessons?

You’ll need to bring two things: your child’s swimsuit and a towel. Note that our facility offers showers. If you’d like your child to make use of them, consider bringing hair shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, and other such items.

Many parents bring swim goggles for their children to wear during the swim instruction. The decision to do so for your child is entirely up to you. We’ve found that children are more receptive to putting their heads underwater when their eyes are protected and they enjoy clear visibility.

If you have questions regarding our swim facility, swim programs, or any other facet of our swim club, visit our FAQs page. Or visit our facility for a firsthand look at why more parents choose the DuPage Swimming Center for their children.

DuPage Can Help You Make Your Child’s Swim Lesson A Great Experience

The experienced staff at the DuPage Swimming Center has taught thousands of children and adults how to swim and be safe in the water. From independent submersion to advanced stroke mechanics, the lessons are designed to cater to every level of expertise. Contact us today to find out how our instructors can teach your children to become proficient swimmers.